[network] Tuiyou essay subdivision directory sites a navigation and a push

remember when just started to contact the computer on the Internet, the first site of hao123, then it is your guide to the Internet, to click on the site, click on the page, most likely in 2003 just started to contact the network it is because it has occupied the Internet computer, the home page, but also for the vast number of navigation station predecessors until now, there are still many stations rely on hao123 program and data.

Hao123 at the time of the website or as now, but then it is not Baidu buy, this is a list of Web sites that do with that when Li Xingping hao123, the heart will definitely want to is on the front page of each recommendation information for users to delete, this is the directory significance but, now the site navigation still exists in the home page, to give us the best information, this is the best information.


directory site, recommend meaningful site for users, each link on the website of the audit, to meet the needs of the people on the Internet, is entirely in order to create the user experience, if you want to make a recommendation site, you must first make people trust you, is that you trust foundation always for them, know what he is thinking, in order to understand the demand more of the good directory based navigation.

remember last year’s time, there are a lot of navigation station program on the network, such as hao123 114, this website program, a lot of people are competing to imitate this way to promote, but it would be very difficult, in some of the giants occupy a huge traffic today, is entirely in imitation of others send traffic is not desirable things, see A5, www.ttuu.com, this kind of model, a new model, I believe we can learn, ttuu is more segments of the industry and market, the website features include recommended website site submission, articles, tools, and the positioning completely and gather every webmaster, site information, and then according to the distribution area of the display, can understand that this place has how many, how many of us together Friends; when you see Lu Songsong’s blog navigation, only blog, but the location of ttuu lies in all the webmaster website information, this, believe that the vision will be the majority, then add, use soft contribute and tools, and convenient services, but also on the inside, can contribute area with the chain, in the ttuu development today, you need to do is go to the above registered account, and then publish your own web site, one day in the future, become a high weight page, high weight transfer to your website, and contribute links, are located in the information station the set of major tools in the integrated navigation, there is No.

here, the point I mentioned above can mimic the way ttuu works, and ttuu is completely positioned

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