Series four brand management of local websites

said the website brand management, this is not a problem unique to local website, but with the rapid development of local website, relative to the station, the local station more easily in a certain area to establish brand. Now I will talk about the experience of brand building on my personal experiences.

first of all, the first brand of the website is the name of the website. A local station name is to pay attention to, if you take the "Shijiazhuang XX station", is very easy to appear to rival a repeat of the situation in the local station of visitors, many of them are novice rookie, did not know which is which, even if the visit your website, he also recorded don’t know which website. In this case, we need to give the website a unique, easy to remember name. I like the Shijiazhuang forum named "popular riverside", the people around the artificial river is a river in Shijiazhuang, has an important position in the hearts of the people of Shijiazhuang, "popular riverside" is easy to remember, but also has a certain degree of poetry. Of course, in order to search optimization, at the site of the title or to appear site keywords, such as my title, "popular sur – the best forum in Shijiazhuang, second-hand housing / / talent / map / friends network", so it can not only to take care of the brand management, and care to the search.

secondly, word of mouth management. In the management of local websites, because of the small audience, every visitor from the locality needs to be taken seriously. Three into a tiger, you give up a Public clamor can melt metals., once the user, it means that you give up the ten users behind even more people. Of course, the basic business is to establish a reputation in quality on the content, a local website must have their own characteristics, has its own unique culture, even if not, must also be extracted, who first extracted, who is the winner for this, I’ve written an article "series article one: webmaster should learn to refine the website culture" can be used as a reference.

finally, fully publicize the webmaster, as the website brand auxiliary. Many local websites are personal webmaster, or individual team is doing, at this time, the webmaster must not unknown, a personality of the webmaster, can certainly for the website to add much. In fact, many webmasters on the site to support a world, such as the owners of the network Wang, outdated refused to swim fish, are indispensable to the site’s wealth. In the actual operation, must be based on individual characteristics such as publicity, I am the master of Chongqing University (not to show off, brothers, don’t scold) often in the website "spread" on some of the information center, increase the authenticity of the site on the one hand, on the other hand can enhance the user’s participation.

impressions, write it, believe that Chongqing University graduated friends will care more about me some of you, this is the brand management. Friends, I hope this article will help you.

Author: Tianya stroll, 2007 founder of the people’s River (, based on

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