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first thank you readers, now a month, an article has far less than the original promise of a Monday article, but there are still friends waiting, I live up to your expectations, I am really sorry. In the past, some articles were dedicated to some friends. Today, this article wants to give a friend today be strangers to each other, including each one, I don’t know if the world will have light, there will be honesty, but because of him, I believe everything will be, because if you really do not fear the world to this country, and the turbidity of the darkness a little bit of light, then behind you strides forward, will eventually be all bright. We are with you.

this article goes back to: e-commerce critical digital optimization (online part, top)


starts promoting basic driver

in the foregoing, we have driven the drivers of key e-commerce digital numbers (KBR numbers) into two categories: base drivers and non base drivers. We have also stressed the importance of the underlying drivers, and we must not neglect to lay a solid foundation when we are going all out.

based drivers may seem abstract, such as our last example in – "basic conversion drive" — how many sounds awkward, but the operation is real, concrete. In the last half, we attributed the basic drivers of the conversion rate to the following items, which are item, which we need to do individually and individually. The results of these projects are good or bad, of course, the conversion rate is good or bad play a crucial role.

case: how to optimize the conversion rate of KBR (3) – key transformation process optimization

now, let’s start with a promotion as a fundamental driver of KBR’s conversion rate. This is nothing mysterious, these are the basic skills of site analysis practitioners, but also the website analysis of this discipline will have to learn the necessary content. If you want to compile a web site analysis of the teaching materials, these are bound to occupy the main part of this textbook.


for example, for the critical transformation process, which we all are familiar with, we find out the poor part of the transformation process, and then look at what happened in this link, and then improve it.


is a transformation process that the sales process on the e-commerce website of a product is roughly this process. The product page may itself be the landing page, but more often the visitor sees the product

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