Winter season the death of so many cars after the enterprise it should listen to dry goods

note: the car is a hunting cloud with "physical properties" the main consumption, based on the owners in the "subject" of any consumption will continue, or even change or optimization, or "subject" physical state, so the owners of small to rational characteristics and basic washing, a large variety of consumption with maintenance a: it is "trust". The establishment of trust needs many factors, such as standard, service, technology, transparency, price and so on. And the customers who have adhered to glue have no core value in the process of establishing trust in the consumption of physical subjects. Only by consumer recognition and reasonable profits, is the ultimate goal and healthy business posture.

author introduction: HomeCar (community car service platform) founder and continuous entrepreneur, 9 years of Internet experience, product origin, in early 14 after entering the car industry entrepreneurship. So far, the HomeCar community light stores have opened nearly 20 in Beijing. The team of community stores for the terminal, establish database, optimization and supervision standards in app and it system based on the input standard service to the user (wash merbok) at the same time, also provide the service of information and transaction channel rub together to users, such as hosting and leasing of idle vehicles within the community, high value-added business the accumulation of data and OBD box.

said that if 14 years of entrepreneurial window for the automotive after market (more accurately describe the outlook of the capital should be the car window), then in the nearly 2 years, especially in the TO C direction, whether it is integrated, from the perspective of the Internet entrance type, diversion type entry, or the traditional automotive industry people seek the "Internet" scale and rapid development, has experienced the burning brain like capital battle, and then the cruel industry grinding. Especially recently, many investors are on the car after the entrepreneurial direction made some perspective, and points out some of the pit on the road to entrepreneurship, and as a breakthrough from the perspective of the Internet car industry entrepreneurs, it is also in the car after nearly 2 years of entrepreneurship, and the so-called window phase stable together so, stand in the perspective of the status of the industry practitioners understand the development direction and the vehicle after the judgment.

diversion platform: the product of Internet penetration thinking

light, high efficiency must be Internet Co’s "no law.". On the basis of this theory, whether it is to explore the function of the platform level Internet companies, such as the beginning of this year released the car home car home, with a strong advantage of the parent brand rapid collection of 4S stores, repair factory, on-site maintenance brand line service entity resources, started the business guide book type or early preparation; in the last year on the electricity supplier background of entrepreneurial team built car little white, are in a very short period of time, relying on the power of capital accumulation, set off quickly. As everyone knows, the car as a consumer has a higher value of the carrier, and different people’s daily food and clothing consumption property owners once the consumer behavior and establish trust simultaneously. In other words, is the C end and the B end once the formation of strong ties, so pure diversion platform.

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