Website is not just doing traffic

by rights, we don’t do more traffic for ourselves or for our company’s website. But think about it. If you say you have 1WIP traffic every day, the result of PV conversion is 1WIP. Do you think that IP can bring benefits to your company or website? Remind some advertising alliance or direct advertisers are friends, you are likely to buy traffic is through some methods to cheat.

exchange connection brings traffic, not because of a site with a PR4 5 exchange of a link, and give up the IP PV observation. If one day found that more and more traffic from the site, resulting in the overall site of the PV conversion rate dropped, it realized that traffic from the site may be a problem. Such false traffic is also of little use to the web site.

There is a program to

through the brush flow to improve website ranking, although this method can give the website traffic in a short period of time, ALEXA brought up soon, but is likely to be included in the company to abandon, into a LJ website. That’s a real regret. It’s not urgent,

Our website is about

precipitation users, because only the precipitation of users will bring you benefits, will always pay attention to your site, so the site in addition to traffic, we also should pay attention to the precipitation of the user is in the website. Finally, I hope friends can elaborate on their point of view.

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