Why not speed up the embrace of mobile nternet webmasters do not come out to sell on the old

will be the scene in the recently held China Internet webmaster, DCCI founder Hu Yanping dished out to the audience of thousands of webmaster and Internet entrepreneurs have a problem: "until now, neither Baidu, Ali, Tencent, just do it yourself, do not need investment financing, do not need to show their application others in the open platform, the ideas and practices of friends give a hand?"

the audience almost no response, only a handful of people raised their hands. Hu Yanping smiled and said, the girls can be spotted, these are potential shares……

joking aside, the theme of "BAT-GAME" speech is to the. From the Internet industry in recent years, especially the development of mobile Internet, the market of the hill is a foregone conclusion, because the root barrier platform construction is more and more deep, BAT will continue to grow and live in the next few years. Popular point said, LineKong Wang Feng, BAT is the "club", the developer is selling out in the giant built place of "miss".

why do you want to sell it? No, isn’t it?

coincidentally, the day before a display for the Baidu alliance 500 elite owners survey, only 42% of the respondents said the owners have been engaged in the mobile Internet business, although 23% of the owners to join the mobile terminal, but another 28% of the owners said there are concerns or difficulties, even 8% of people do not intend to join the mobile Internet recently. This and Hu Yanping introduced the data basically, even in the mobile Internet concept called explosion today, small owners still slow progress in the mobile terminal mainstream, consisting of 66.6% groups of Internet entrepreneurs, or PC owners, there are nearly 60% entrepreneurs said that the future is going to continue to do station.

mobile terminal imagination so amazing, webmaster all know which wonderful, why not accelerate embrace


actually, the answer to the two questions is the same. Is the so-called "unwritten practice Wu Yi, goods and BAT, from sina to Gould, from PPS to Sogou, disturbing the drums capital mergers each player’s heart. Stationmaster is not foolish, 19 buildings melt 60 million is a story, not be regular. Do not take advantage of the 28 time to a staff, until the world see old age, it will wake up.

questionnaire also confirmed the webmaster’s mentality: "promotion channels lack", has become the webmaster to join the mobile terminal second big stumbling block; is the webmaster most want to get giant help crux. Hu Yanping’s data is more straightforward, don’t look at the concept of a variety of related social as if it were raining flowers, hope to get the webmaster tools, or SEO optimization tool".

why sell? The mobile terminal profit model is still obscure, not sell, no traffic, no more cash; why not dare to embrace the mobile Internet? Play is not the same, do not know how to draw traffic giant


webmaster, to put it bluntly, is engaged in flow change >

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