What kinds of stations do despise most

this article to just do stand novice friends see

what kinds of stations do I despise most:

1. navigation station, you want to do hao123 like you, you want the whole Chinese IE home is the navigation station you don’t dream big


, this website doesn’t have any content at all. Search engines don’t want to crawl,


recommendation: do a local navigation station, there may be some way out, more boring, give up doing this,


2. type of community, you want to do mop, Tianya community first degree? Chinese no


popularity is not enough, you own registered users, fake it,


recommendation: do it somewhere,

3. with the romantic (also known as eating fart flow), see others do some kind of stand good, oneself also copy a, there is no creativity and features,

like: other people do the popularity of the school code, you also go to build a pure collection of it? No popularity,


also: QQ space code, non swine and so on

recommendation: or do you are more skilled, such as you like AV, then build a AV station, for the exchange of people (for example, the consequences)

or more than yourself to get a blog, write about the original! Of course, if you can make a feature, or good

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