Suddenly discovered that this is a good way to increase repeat customers

site so long, during the fun and trouble, only their own know. Well, I’ve got time to sit by my computer and sleep in a couple of hours, and all the rest time is on the forums. Because the forum is software, code as the theme, so the vast majority of people come to "something"". Own all night trying to get the code, their time to find the crack software, the registration of money spent on the registration code sent to the forum, a few days to see a few dozens of downloads, browse hundreds of times, there is no reply. To tell you the truth, I really don’t think these guys are big enough for me at this time.

later, I just wanted to hide the settings. But the forum has joined the flag, and can not do so. There is no way, I discuss with several management, and finally decided to implement the audit system. I also think the audit will scare a lot of people, but there are also advantages: first, all illegal content security forum is not rejected, in violation of the provisions; second, those empty earn points post irrigation does not appear in the forum, to ensure the quality of posts.

but I didn’t expect it to have another advantage: to increase the number of repeat customers. I read the statistics report in the morning, the flow is reduced a little (also do not know is this reason), but the return guest has increased a lot. Here’s my screenshot of yesterday:


after a few days of hard work, found that there is not so much time to review, hundreds of posts a day.

I’m still going to give up the audit now. It’s too hard!

just want not too much advertising, not vulgar post, that even if, after all, we grassroots Adsense is not easy,


simple real experience of the site, welcome paizhuan.

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