Personal summary of station experience

today, the Internet under the program to study, found a very serious problem, in this, I said to you: many programs now under the slightly internal connections are not very careful to find the absolute, the search is not polite, for example, many programs to return to the home page or by calling the direct all adopt "/" this form, such as the 404 page and not perfect, will cause the surface of your search crawling station, a station was drop right, but also has a great relationship with this, such as your home page address is a global call to ss.html, you must write it /ss.html is such a form. The spider’s crawl is to read rather than fetch, and to separate the two meanings. I say a lot of examples: the station set up in the background of each article, when others copy or search results have specific keywords, the mean time to tell the search judgment, the article title and keywords, similar to the function of the soft.

I summarize this month to some of WEB contact:

1. is serious about learning SEO.

2. look at other people’s site, pay attention to understand the distribution and optimization of each station.

3. hanging ox head dog selling propaganda, be careful search K.

4. focus on user experience, good intentions guide.

5. weight optimization is not necessarily popular, but must have primary and secondary prominent.

Baidu publicity note:

1. publicity must not directly use your station home page connection.

2. should learn how to use more than one browser.

3. knows the question and answer, and needs an interval.

above is my contact with WEB this month, the sense of income, there is a wrong or bad place, I hope you understand and accommodate.

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