Hu Xiaodao always on the way

notes: in the silence of the night, just watching CCTV to win in the Chinese, mood has not been finalized, the final championship has been decided, the left will be always on the road.


in this quiet night, less than ten square meters of the rental house, operates the world mesh (, Chinese win in the third season finals in the online watch, the mood is surging, the brain is excited. Just as we won the theme in Chinese theme song "on the road", we are always on the road. It is a passion, a commitment, more effort and sweat.


win in Chinese from the first session has lasted two and a half years, I began to understand and pay close attention to it in the first half of last year, Ma Yun, Xiong Xiaoge, Wu Ying, Alibaba, IDG, UT starcom………… One of the businesses and entrepreneurs for having heard it many times together with their wisdom and wealth, to guide the later entrepreneurs, they are capital of the world, is the palace of wisdom; and later Shi Yuzhu, Niu Gensheng, Yu Minhong, Zhu Xinli…… A large number of entrepreneurs who have been on the road for many years, they use their personal experience, about the fun of entrepreneurs, and tears, excitement, and even despair.

"efforts may not succeed, give up a certain failure", is, to do anything as long as you work hard to do, hold a belief, a passion, a stick, you may go farther than others, until the other side of success. When I put a "brother, to win in the finals tonight China" information sent out, I knew it already is a stick, to win in the China almost each are not to be missed, and also influence my friends and colleagues to see, to understand, to learn. How long will success be when it comes to becoming a habit?

‘s PK is cruel, but also warm, so cruel and warm and I will continue, and they will be always on the road, the mesh (  ) will also be with the world the webmaster is always on the road.

is entitled to record the night of the third season of winning in china.

Hu Xiaodao personal website: Hu knife is willing to join hands with the world webmaster and mesh world station together forever on the road. Welcome to exchange,


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