Grassroots webmaster how to use V6 operation

jointly organized by the "stationmaster" magazine and Anhui Internet Alliance ( has the lecture to the twenty-first period, this time we invited PHP168 founder and chief designer of the system: the dragon has served in Sohu and other large enterprises, has experienced CMS technical experience, PHP168 CMS system was launched by the well-known open source CMS system master of love.

, the main group, broadcast group (1000 people) is full, new webmaster can add 500 people, spread the multicast group: 17581177 free to attend but please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in at any time.

text collation:

Cheng Cheng: I’m PHP168’s Dragon City, and everyone else, is also a member of the webmaster community. Today, thank you very much for an old old K, K to PHP168 a self introduction and promotion opportunities, PHP168 recently developed rapidly, especially the expansion team. Here, I want to share with you a summary of the relevant case PHP168: system including system, business process, and how to use the PHP168 webmaster PHP168 to profit.

talking about the origins of the PHP168 CMS system

Longcheng: PHP168 should be regarded as one of the earliest CMS in china. Like PHPWIND and DZ, they all originated in the University dormitory. At that time, the University site enthusiasts basically have our system. Later, we went to Beijing, went to the Sohu, and also participated in the creation of KU6 video sites during the period. Now the name of PHP168 has been changed to

Software Technology Co., Ltd. of Guangzhou

because now the speed of development, an enterprise name now found the very first talk about the key problems of PHP168 system, many people may not have used PHP168, or previously used these are needed to be re introduced under

Longcheng: the V6 system has changed a lot, with a lot of emphasis. Special emphasis on a way to let the webmaster how profitable. This point, the official invested much more. Can start from the business system chat, you can let us take a look at the PHP168 business station demonstration and ideas. Example:, this is the cool tech blue business system style: We can also see, we can spend 2 minutes, a little look at the business system, we see the demonstration station, you should see a message:

PHP168 is dedicated to the establishment of the industry e-commerce platform, but also provides a very complete field of domestic PHP industry electronics

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