Data analysis of micro media salon registration WeChat ranked first

July 19, 2014 Shenzhen innovation Valley Cafe micro media salon twelfth [WeChat promotion method] has ended, after checking in the group meeting we found a very interesting phenomenon, the West here to write out and share with you, do salon friends can learn.

salon sign up for platform data analysis:

micro media salon twelfth, valid registration 200 people whole. The data above are clear, and don’t repeat it here.

WeChat public account number ranked first, activities line second, circle of friends third, friends introduced fourth.

salon campaign, we did this:

salon pre promotional

activity line, this website registration is the best. Drawing activities, activities for the Internet, lazy, is the three Internet salon release site, from the data, for the best effect [activity]. In fact, not necessarily, because lazy Internet site registration is to jump to the information source to sign up. [we set up a jump to the micro media on the official website registration, so there is no data to


this event, micro-blog basically did not force. Because it is under the line Sharon, the region has a strong targeted, and micro-blog is mainly large-scale release, so there is no effort in this area.

WeChat group did not force, is a pity. Busy work, although the West plus hundreds of WeChat group, but this time forgot to do the promotion in the WeChat group, remember the eleventh Sharon, west one by one and all WeChat group flagship greeting in WeChat group released the salon information, WeChat Group signed up who is the most. Now is the thirteen salon, the Xixikede ready.


, a WeChat terminal advertising is to promote the effective, WeChat advertising side of the three block, the public account, the circle of friends, WeChat group. WeChat group and circle of friends is the most accurate, so the value of the media will continue to enlarge.

two, mobile Internet is the trend of the times, this irresistible.

good articles to share out is the conscience of the industry.

strange Muxixi, a strange boy, in the mobile Internet industry, often on the island ring today, exchange the wisdom of life, occasionally the occasional deep, external funny than heart wanted to be a thinking person. [micro signal: ppff007]

dear friends, please look forward to the thirteenth Salon of micro media salon [8/16, 3W cafe in Shenzhen]

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