How to let the search engine automatically send traffic to the door

search engine has been the main means we get traffic, can be said to be a lot of parents, the largest search engine is Baidu, if Baidu will be compared to the girl, as long as we can get in her good graces Everfount flow. But this girl Baidu temper always let us be the most changeful elusive, motionless on the home page snapshot not update your website, website ranking does not go on and off and so on, these problems are always plagued our webmaster, it will have a lot of stationmaster sincerely laments "Baidu abuse me thousands of times, to ridicule me Baidu as first love". But in fact, we do not have these concerns, basic search engine is for customer service, webmasters are constantly being "tortured" because there is no clear search habits, do not stand in the user’s point of view to do stand, our core value from the search engine’s view, to explore together how to meet the needs of the search engine, get traffic.

first: ensure continuous quality update of original content


search engine every day sent a variety of spiders to crawl the Internet content, every kind of page, like the library search engine, the information stored in the crawl and then be arranged under the classification of different database, then the content through search engine ranking algorithm, with high quality content will most users search keywords in the row front. And the first step in our search for the search engine is to continue to provide quality original content, which is the basis for our good rankings. Remember, pseudo original can not guarantee our long-term stability of the rankings, only continuous, high-quality original update, in order to better access to traffic, and better help the site to get the favor of the search engine.

second: friendship link must pay attention to quality

Links is one of the important means of the website ranking, when doing the Links we should not only look at the number, but also pay attention to quality, a high quality related Links to help the site is far greater than the 10 garbage Links, before Baidu algorithm did not update before, to judge the quality of the link, it also led to a lot of people operating stations through a large number of chain wheel steering Baidu ranking. If you want to get Everfount flow through the search engine, please don’t make the low quality of the Links, but to do more with your theme and high quality links high weight, at the same time, we continue to publish original content to help users, users will take the initiative to share our website, this is the fundamental the site for long-term development.

third: Web site structure to facilitate spiders crawl

search engine optimization, all the details are badly in need of attention, the site itself code friendly is one of the important details, specifically, do not have the website framework calls iframe or Flash calls, the content is still unable to accurately capture by search engines, all of the pages as a node >

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