An amateur webmaster’s network love affair

              in September 2003, with the object of ivory tower vision into the university campus, the first thing is the University of military training, but at this time I let the Internet and forged a bond, thanks to the naughty I always have a restless heart during military training, always fled to global Internet cafes, Internet cafes I always indulge in "amazing gorgeous, let me obsessed, intoxicated!

              I always think that if I was learning computer well, I chose biology! In my vanity Human effort is the decisive factor., drive, I learned Frontpage, then Dreamweaver, so it is the first about the creature of my web site, here is not to say, then second, a biological study section of the website, make my collection of biological test to share with you! Although the website traffic is also good, but these have not had any technical content, web design is not good, so I learned Flash and network advertising and Photoshop, which laid the foundation for the rest of my web design!

              time flies, now I have become a research 985 college students, leisure time empty and let me ignite the site of the fight, that was the first day of April 2008, I see a lot of sites, find health websites should be compared promising, decided to do a health website, registered domain name, buy space, start the construction site, the usual collection of health information uploaded to the site above, from the beginning of Foodsun CMS to Discuz6, from Discuz7 to PHP168 now, always trying to stop, continue to beautify, link extend continuously, step by step to interactive improvement, now a year later, the site also has a certain scale, maintain a certain flow, for one of my amateur webmaster, satisfied with yourself is good !

              summed up this year is groundless talk, pain and happiness, now the site of PR is 4, Google updated once per PR, each Baidu included a page, have become my motivation!

;     welcome reprint; reprint please specify: "health home"

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