The Apocalypse of the death of the blog no business model products can not afford to be impetuous

Wen / Wei Wu,

, known as "IT’s top blogger", actually stopped blogging long ago, keso. In October 2011, he took a stick in the know the answer in his blog, has no new post until Google announced that it will close the Google Reader service, he suddenly came out to say a few words.

it’s interesting. Because, in general, people think that RSS tools like Google and Reader are purely niche gadgets, while blogs are once something that the public cannot. A IT circle of the number one blog, more than a year without writing, but Google Reader is actually a blog built on the basis of a small tool, triggered his repeated emotion.

March 31st, the three independent BSP of China announced today to stop the free service, this news is far from Google Reader will be closed to come so shaken, I can almost use the word "bolanbujing" to describe. As a blogging service once with participants, also need to "commemorate the single" once the investment community eyes xiangbobo Internet service.

generally speaking, the death of blogs can be blamed on two things, one is too impulsive, and the other is that there is no business model.

these two statements are generally correct, but a little empty. Video, electricity supplier industry has experienced very impetuous, but do not see the whole industry could defeat, and as for the business model, many Internet service started to business models (including instant messaging, search), but until that day restore justice. These two combine, perhaps is established: no business model of Internet service is not impetuous.

China’s three largest BSP decline for different reasons.

blog China BOKEE.COM), the most famous independent BSP, is indeed impetuous reasons. An investment of $10 million so that Fang Xingdong had challenged Sina very influential idea that bull attack, almost every time the web2.0 service must be inserted on one foot, made a number of concepts, later even concocted a blog that game. Fang Xingdong or eager to find a business model, or eager to obtain financing, the concept of pre -, excessive expansion of personnel, 10 million dollars burned completely. As a pioneer in the blog industry, the entire industry can be described as Xiao He defeated Xiao He.

China, 08 years renamed Boshang network, but not because it is impetuous, the opposite: comfort. The site claims to have the largest blog users in China, but there has been nothing new to expand on. I am also curious about the $10 million investment that I ran into

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