Experience of doing first websites for novices

has not written a diary for a long time, today writes the website to make the experience. People can feel that the one stage of feelings, experience down is a good idea, after this period of time can look at things and then the idea, this is a good way of self reflection.

I have always felt that do this, if you can not do a website about the actual, it is difficult to improve yourself, it is hard to survive in the fierce competition in the industry, so I decided to engage in a practice training under his website. After a few months of their efforts, and finally made a good site, is a tableware industry portal. My idea is that, as a tableware industry website, to attract people to engage in tableware industry website, should have rich industry resources, which is the industry people to access and use. So this site I do is to provide all the information about the service and tableware, of course there are some functions, is tableware enterprises and individuals can publish information here free of supply and demand of tableware, tableware products information release. My biggest hope is that this website will be the first business platform for tableware manufacturers to surf the internet. Finally, I renamed this website "Chinese tableware net". The domain name is www.canju123.com, and with this "Canju" Pinyin, I hope you can remember it easily.

before making a website, I was a website production, website planning and other aspects of knowledge, know nothing about. So spend more time, and I spent nearly 4 months time, but I quit my job is to get. So I’m here for some say, if you want to own website, should be the first to have a stable job, use work time to do so, the better, for me, is the largest since the site experience. Spend so much effort to do it, but a lot of people know what SEO said to me, I wasted time, because there are a lot of problems with the site, not to be included in the search engine and get good rankings, especially the content page even in the 9 catalog, and planning is not good. So I’m really sad.

but I will not give up, I will learn more knowledge, such as web site SEO, website promotion, website promotion in slowly, unremittingly to do so, although it failed, but the set of words on the word vulgar: failure is the mother of success. At last I do tell you a new experience, before doing so should be ready to understand the basic knowledge, the time to grasp, so as not to like me, a waste of time but also a waste of energy.

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