What will the nternet play in the future

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on the Internet

Internet in the future there is not much to play, first, storage, two is to appreciate, three is communication, four is playing together, fifth is the last one, that is, the transaction.

1. stores a lot of things, text, pictures, mail, video, audio, and other kinds of files,

2. storage must have a certain appreciation, exchange, through the platform and tools is diverse, but is no longer a simple enough to rely on, I have said before, the Internet will take several years to establish a shared, then there will be a dependency relation, is the enterprise and the user, more obvious the strong dependency relation between enterprise and enterprise.

more than 3. of these things meet almost all engaged in Internet activities of individuals, of course we need not only these, still have to play on the Internet, playing what? How to play. Play is the main meaning and value to the.

4., the last point left for our e-commerce, trading is an inevitable relationship, regardless of what kind of currency, products, and even a voice, an idea is the object and content of our transactions.

but these things are not independent existence, all are directly related. Let all could be a network formed between them, a life, a mixture of another large.

system of virtual and reality

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