What can do to save you for the first time in my life

I am a genuine farmer, I can’t write any articles, so this sentence is difficult to understand. Please forgive me. In ADMIN5 this platform, I can only say is a newborn baby, and we simply a large distance. I write this article the goal lies in has the friend to guide us, lets our new stationmaster also walk together with you.

I contacted the computer or 2 years ago, when I was a friend told me how to access the Internet, how to chat, everything is under the guidance of others, and slowly understand the sad network.

half a year later, I learned the basic operation of computer and maintenance of the system, but also understand the other people’s Web site stroll, but also began to write personal blog. At the same time with a friend with a personal home page. So I walked up the road that made me sad,

in the first half of last year, my heart has to stand the idea, in the absence of specific site location, I made a classification of information website, can not be said to be doing, because I download other people’s code, then I change a small part of the original content, most are like. As for what optimization, domain name choice, I do not understand, but I think of a web site, I feel very great, try to say to my friends everywhere. Others are good, heart. Now I’m really ashamed of what I thought at the time.


website is out, but also add to the content, so every day is artificially added information, every day to send a 50, adhere to the more than 10 days, the content is almost the same, because of the promotion of promotion, I do not know, everywhere to other website information (advertising information with serious nature), so I sent to but one day there will be no information, so I always insist on doing 3 months, results can be obtained is the others are disgusted with me, sad ah! So my website or in others are not aware of the state of.

a month ago, accidentally entered the ADMIN5 platform, the information here let me look at the field of vision, the article inside is really good, it can be said that we are looking forward to the novice good thing. Hey, it seems that we can also learn the novice veteran experience, see half a month’s article, knowing that you know a little bit, but I write to thank ADMIN5 for this platform, also hope to find a new webmaster predecessors to bring us here, let us understand the basic contents of the station.

until now, although I understand a little bit, but my website now or in the garbage, this is the first time I do I stand, also do not know how long, but I will try his best to protect him, hope to have the master to guide me, guide me.

for the first time in my life, what can I do to save you?.

after the preface (this is my station, Jiangxi to catch the net, I hope a master to guide me, save my station, I will use the website for 3 months income to answer >!

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