Website profit selection is more important than effort

we do the website, some have the technology or have the funds, want to be bigger and stronger. More is the technology is not fine or no funds invested small adsense. Small Adsense how to earn more handsome income,


that’s really a big problem, for a small webmaster like me.

thankfully, I caught the last bus. World Expo period, I operate a hotel booking site, more than 4 months time, income of more than 10000 yuan, remove the cost, then monthly income has reached the general level of society. And to this level, once I thought it was easy to do, I did not expect to stand more than a year’s experience, let me realize that it is so difficult.

, the following article, this article to solve the problem: how to pinpoint the site profit point, access to considerable income?

until now I realized that if you want to be a traffic type website, rely on advertising alliance made a small fortune, you must make a valuable website. What is valuable? Here I think it is commercially valuable. For example, you do Adsense, if it is a general article station, QQ station, photo station, you can count on Adsense price will be high? But if you do the industry is standing, or the introduction of an industry website, click Adsense not too low. When it comes to the premise that you can’t do it like a dumpster, at least if you think it’s a garbage dump, don’t expect Google to think otherwise.

says Adsense, and there are lots of people doing sp. Name tests, personalized signatures and so on, through the SEO optimization of single page or this small website in the form of occupation of search engines in the top few. A lot of friends are doing it, and they’re doing well. However, it is worrying that, since 2010, SP income may be worse than before, this is my reference to a number of friends experience obtained conclusions, if it is new, please operate carefully.

in addition to sp, there are people doing bidding, promotion of profiteering products. At present, the network, all kinds of bidding training in full swing, but a everyone knows the truth is: money is always a minority. Only those who know, flexible minded people to get a cup of soup. Bid for this industry, high-risk, high income, if there is a psychological burden, please be careful to try.

said three ways, do not know the same small webmaster, you find your goal?. Currently my hotel booking site, because the end of World Expo, season factors are now in a very bleak state.

but at least the profit during World Expo made me understand: "choice is more important than effort."".

use this sentence as the end, share with you. The world is strong and we still have to move on.

finally copyright, this article by network (webmaster): Kung Fu Mavericks original published in A5 Webmaster Station

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