After 80 young women do DC work thirty days

originally wanted to write about, but I think that a new writing experience, the

Too Big for Her Skin too!

today is 09 years in May 7th, I was in IDC company for second months, life is really fast. Clearly remember, I was in March 31st 09, formally in the company for entry procedures, training for ten days, and I went to the company’s total of four people, and all girls. From that time on, I knew I couldn’t be worse than anyone else. I’m the stronger girl.

to tell you the truth, I have been very low self-esteem, I always try to do sales, but do not have good performance, three months of sales of gold investment is zero, pushed me into the ravine, fortunately I’m not that easy to give in person, it can also be an advantage for me, when I choose one, a job, I will work hard to do, everything from scratch, not for past mistakes and pulled mix.

I’ve been trying to motivate myself. Devoting himself to let those who know me, but I do not know the domain name, web hosting, bandwidth, server, proxy, room information tucked into your mind, even I feel very surprised, just remember in the senior year, every tie in books, thinks he has already lost the ability of memory unexpectedly, I underestimated her, even tough can fill your head so much information.

that week, in addition to sleep time, almost always read, recite, remember, even in the dream is the scene of information. After the three assessment, fear most is the last test, 18 room, 8 the price of a room, you have to remember a total of 144 prices, coupled with the domain name and virtual host price, time of day, I am confused, a lot of numbers, even I doubt that I can remember.

fortunately, finally passed the assessment. I believe we are very curious, how I remember so many prices! Teach you a method, 18 room, the price from low to high, first arranged down, take the lowest price, in turn, to find the difference between price and price, to a room in a room down the price finally, you can create a document, write down the name of the room, behind the first eight prices down again, only then again! The price cut, with their own memory to write the price, after finished check to see which room, what the price is wrong, the wrong number. Why put the wrong key, when the 18 room prices are in turn down with you, you can put all your prices are deleted, and then filling time, see you after a few can be all right! I am in total 6 times, I’m stupid. Hey hey, don’t laugh at me,


training, I think every IDC company has its own methods and skills, and here I no longer speak more.

next is how to get into the working state. The four of us have shown two words – Fan

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