Declassified Ali’s operations in the end where cattle

, if it’s a question for running dogs now: what’s the difference between operations, marketing, and planning? I believe that 90% of people can not answer a single, the brain after a few minutes of rapid transfer, to say a few marketing partial resources, operating partial content, planning partial creativity, and so on the difference.

Internet Tencent, Alibaba, 3, Baidu, represented the highest level of industry;

there are words: technology to see Baidu, products, see Tencent, operation see Ali;

I have the honor to join Ali do operation, recent work is not busy, actually from the dogs into overtime work on time, so I want to record the feeling here, let yourself summarize what is the operation of different operations, Ali where


of course, the main purpose is to force yourself into your ideas, do a qualified operating dog, wang!

think, what is operation?

has jumped several times over the past few years, and the industry is from the advertising creative platform – media retail platform – Interactive TV channel retail platform, the nature of the post is the same, with creative nature of the planning.

to sum up, what I do is actually one thing: to create fun, to create, buy, and leave users.


question comes, and in my understanding, what is operation? Is the work I do here in the scope of operation?

The essence of

operation is to operate, find the right people, save costs and create value.

operation is the source of the user, who is he? What would you like? I’ll give you what to stay for love.


operation cannot use grand heroic words to describe this, have a ready pen, with a silent, subtle, and even more appropriate.

so, in my mind, has been operating a pinch the details of the work, to grasp the hot sensitive, fast and industrious creative girls do operation is the most suitable of the (like their own black?)

then I came to ali. Here, I have a new understanding of operation.

what do I do in Ali,


, A, big environment, what


my department, is a breakthrough from the restaurant business vertical Ali in the O2O layout, the intention of starting from the food and beverage industry, to "eat" the comprehensive Internet business; from the restaurant is good starting is difficult, because food is a good user just need and high industry the difficulty is; because this is a very complicated, it is difficult to Internet based traditional industries, a restaurant location rent, chef coolie, procurement of raw materials, the taste of dishes are very difficult to be standardized, as well as strong competition for (x group, X rating);

so where do we get into this industry? The essence of a restaurant is the quality of the diet and the quality of the service, and the merchant cares most about the quality

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