Facebook editor Fletcher leaves next month and will start his own businessKorea’s largest mobile gam

, the company said in a document submitted to regulators, its guidance price range of 121 thousand to 157 thousand won per share, IPO scale of about 2 trillion and 50 billion won to 2 trillion and 660 billion won.

, 25, announced his departure in at the Edward Merl Lo School of communication at the Washington State University. Fletcher said: "I will leave in mid April this year, because I am interested in other Internet business models. It should be said that Facebook is a force that is not lacking in our current society, but there are other things that interest me."

Netmarble said in a statement that in the IPO, it would issue about 16 million 950 thousand new shares, or about 20% of its total. Also, it is not ready to sell existing stocks through the IPO.


, the company’s IPO aims to raise funds for mergers and acquisitions. Netmarble’s founder, Bang Jun-hyuk, said the company aims to be among the world’s five biggest gaming companies by 2020.

as of the end of 2016, founder Bang Jun-hyuk holds 30.6% of Netmarble company, entertainment company CJ E& M holds 27.6% of the shares, Tencent holds 22.2% of the shares.

if its final price set in this price range, then Netmarble is expected to become the second largest Korean listed companies, more than Samsung Biological Products Co Ltd Samsung BioLogics Co Ltd in IPO last year, the scale of 2 trillion and 50 billion won, second only to the Samsung Life Insurance Co Samsung Life Insurance in 2010 to achieve the 4 trillion and 900 billion IPO scale won.

technology news Zhong Tao March 22nd Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, Facebook executive editor Dan · Fletcher Dan Fletcher announced on Wednesday that he will quit during the month, and will create one of your own Internet startups.

Facebook executive editor Dan · Fletcher

Fletcher said: "I think their biggest mistake is giving me the title of executive editor. The title is misleading. Facebook does not need editors and reporters because Facebook users are up to 1 billion, and they can provide content themselves." Fletcher to attend Edward Merl Lo School of communication activities held by the audience said: "here is a reporter, you can talk about friends and family Facebook, good content no more attractive than these."

Netmarble added that it would make a full bid inquiry from April 11th to 20, and then determine the listing price. compile / learn

Fletcher also said that some Internet Co news services actually do very well, such as 29.io, Matter, Magazine, The, Atavist and Kindle, Singles and so on. These >

"no editing",

in February this year, Netmarble acquired the Vancouver studio of us game developer Kabam, with the exact amount of the transaction unknown. Netmarble’s earnings report, in 2016, it’s revenue of 1 trillion and 500 billion won, operating profit of 284 billion 700 million won, while in 2015, its revenue and operating profit were 1 trillion and 100 billion won and 225 billion 300 million won.


Tencent technology, according to foreign media reports, South Korea’s largest mobile gaming company Netmarble Games Corp said on Monday, it plans to 2 trillion and 660 billion won about 2 billion 350 million U.S. dollars of the valuation of IPO. This may be the second largest listing in South korea.

in the past few years, many American Internet Co began to introduce the concept of "brand news service". "For Facebook, it’s a bit of an oddball," says Fletcher, "to give content to users through brand stories."". "Facebook should be backstage service," Fletcher said. If Facebook starts making content, it’s a departure from the idea behind the scenes."

Fletcher joined Facebook in January 2012. The move sparked speculation that Facebook was likely to enter the news coverage. Fletcher served as social media director for Peng Bo news. After joining Facebook, he helped the company create the Facebook Stories service, which specializes in branded journalism. Facebook says Facebook Stories aims to share the experience of Facebook users in an unusual way". These user stories are translated into 16 languages worldwide for Facebook users around the world.

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