Chinese online invested 500 million capital increase A station and morning division into the two di

we may wish to analyse by K 50 station are similar:

7, many website promotion information is too single, basically that a few sites in that hair ah, hair ah, desperately hair chain. That page has so many spam links, how much more effective do you have,


5 and 80% website title is too long, pile up keywords. You don’t tell me that your competitors are not doing this by K. I tell you, people website weight must be higher than you, and even may have done sh419 products, so don’t go to compare, should be in accordance with optimization standards to rely on qi. My point of view, page keywords no more than 3. No more.


online acquisition of Chinese, A station profitability was disclosed. Announcement shows, A station in January to September this year the total assets of 36 million 250 thousand yuan, 147 million yuan debt, operating income was 713 thousand and 700 yuan, net profit loss of 146 million yuan; in 2015, A total assets of 21 million 220 thousand yuan, 116 million yuan debt, operating income was 3 million 637 thousand and 500 yuan, net profit of 113 million yuan loss.

1, pay attention to content and user experience, not simply API, through the article information to bring traffic

yesterday November 21st evening, Chinese online digital publishing group Limited by Share Ltd hereinafter referred to as the "Chinese online" board of directors released two consecutive announcement, intends to cash invested 250 million yuan to subscribe Guangzhou barrage network technology company A station 13.51% of the shares; at the same time, intends to cash invested 250 million yuan capital of the morning, morning, get a 20% stake.

2, there are certain characteristics, there is a certain level of standing, not completely copied, try to do not duplicate,

in addition, the announcement shows that the morning section is rooted in the two dimensional cultural field, with the Internet community, cultural and creative research and development, mobile game publishing and live performances of the two dimensional industrial chain business segments. And, the morning division plans to accelerate the integration of two dimensional areas, IP, games, comics, performances, KOL reds and other industrial sectors, covering the entire industry, strengthen the strengthening of the two dimensional industry leader enterprises, industry status.

currently, A station main business is to obtain advertising and marketing revenue through its own flow, while guiding the user’s fans effect generated online and offline features consumption.

Abstract: Chinese online invested 250 million yuan to subscribe for 13.51% stake in A station, becoming the second largest shareholder of A station. At present, the A station’s largest shareholder is still Austrian entertainment founder and chairman Cai Dongqing 54.77%.

3, there is a better way to promote, write the soft text of high quality, garbage outside the chain less.

4, more than 95% of the station entirely rely on API calls, with pseudo static way to increase included, sh419 is not stupid, but the action is slower! K is sooner or later.

Chinese online community believes that the two dimension is the core audience 80, 90, and after 00 people, this part of the core users accounted for nearly 30% of the population, the population proportion is large, and is a severe dependence network, respected network community, as the important platform of daily individuality and making friends.

6, most of the site information is relatively comprehensive". Basically put the Forum on your website. I said, you can not control the site, there is time to take care of the forum ah. How do you deal with it? Manual copying or direct collection? If so, what is the smell of smelly things and East and West,

titanium media after a lot of chaos, A station finally came the latest news.

of these stations have guest house, mini taobao etc..

of course, in the form of a blog station also can survive, such as a beautiful, 8090 beauty www.8090meili etc.. I think these websites have gone through this baptism and are bound to go better. As a warning for the future.

in the product line, A station is divided into two parts: online and offline. The main line is the WEB side, H5 page side and mobile terminal APP three platforms, which is the main business of the A station; under the line, barrage theater, offline entertainment, show and campus activities are the main body.

3 and 90% website content is plagiarism, or pseudo original. Articles with little real value.

2 and 90% website home page content is huge, make like industry website. I am most disgusted with this. Page code conference seriously affects the efficiency of search engines and users.

early in the morning of June 5, 2010, a large number of Taobao customer sites included by K, an uproar after Taobao SITE. Passenger station by this disaster, is accidental or inevitable? Is the competition, or means? Amoy webmaster, and grad


Chinese online, A station is the two dimension video barrage culture in the field of the first company and head company, have a higher visibility and user traffic, the subject of investment companies is conducive to the implementation of literary education, + + "development strategy, to create two dimensional ecological culture.

1 and 90% are severely K stations, and the registration period will not exceed 2 years;

station of this disaster is global, but we also see some of the content is king of the site the loss is relatively small, it is not difficult to see that these sites relative to other simple API call station, has its own value:

?Although the On behalf of the

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