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however, Wang Shi did not learn from it, thereby changing the shareholding structure with too much ownership. He was even complacent, saying in his personal autobiography that the degree of diversification of Vanke’s shares was rare in China’s securities market.

"XXX’s Uber"

, as Appster’s growth planner, my responsibilities and passions are: listening to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, prospective entrepreneurs, or anyone who thinks their products or services can change the world. My role is to provide them with help and advice to determine if they have potential.

9:35, the call is over. George is a good idea, and he wants to create a yellow bird that will recognize the background. But the idea is not yet technically viable. In fact, I’ve heard this idea hundreds of times over the past three years, just a different version, such as plants, animals, insects, fish, and so on. The idea itself is good, not crazy at all. The problem is that technology hasn’t caught up yet.

for Vanke, in fact, this is not the first encounter "barbarians" invasion, but Wang Shi did not have a long memory. As early as 1994, Vanke is due to the outbreak of the "equity is too scattered and Jun Wan dispute – Junan Securities attempt to unite several major shareholders Vanke management for the emperor to abdicate, attempted to wrest control from the hands of Wang Shi.

I hear hundreds of ideas every month. Some are reasonable, some are good, some are good and exciting, and RealifeChange is one of them. About 30% of the idea is nonsense, impossible. But almost all ideas can be grouped into the following:

in the Internet industry, management holdings have been diluted to single digit enterprises, and no longer a minority. Once the barbarian enters, it is likely that the next car home or Vanke will be in danger of being kicked out of the company.


this concept, customer targeted very clear. From January to April this year, almost every B2C founder gave a financing speech for timely service products with the headline "call ‘Uber’ of XXX."." This logic is completely understandable to me. After all, the rhythm of modern life is more tense, and we can use it as less and less time to wait.

hunting cloud network micro signal: ilieyun June 13th report compiled: Loci

where to go, CEO Zhuang Chenchao micro-blog has also been embarrassed out,


it is reported that Ping An has a car home 47.4% stake is the largest single shareholder, Macao, continue to hold the car home 6.5% stake, while CEO Qin cause car home ownership is 2.9%, car home founder Li Xiang holdings to 2.6%. Since the voting rights and shareholding ratio is quite, and therefore relative security, Qin and Li Xiang’s voting rights is really not worth mentioning, which also explains why peace can easily be kicked out of qin.

now, Wang Shi and Vanke President Yu Liang’s chance is very slim, unless the second largest shareholder Huarun again stand on their side. But Wang Shi this morning in the WeChat circle of friends accused Huarun of fig leaf all torn out, and may support his Huarun

Qin and Wang Shi embarrassed behind, is the two companies management’s loss of control of the company gradually led to the present situation.

on the same day, Vanke internal outbreak of major shareholders and management of the family’s war, the largest shareholder of China Vanke treasure department proposed the removal of Vanke chairman Wang Shi. At present, Bao can hold 24%, the second largest shareholder of Huarun holding 15%, the two sides total holdings of nearly 40%, once combined, Wang Shi will become very easy to dismiss.


Wang Shi and Qin tragedy because of the loss of

on the other hand, service providers can earn extra money by express or room service, without a nine to five routine. Every time Uber expands into a new country or another milestone, I’m sure I’ll get a wave of calls like "XXX’s Uber".

it’s 8:58 in Melbourne in the morning. It’s very cold. I remembered that last week I was still in the warm sunshine of Dubai, and the cold wind became more and more bitter. Looking at the time on the computer, it was already nine in the morning, and I had another entrepreneur talking about it at this time.

caused by control of the company

June 26th morning, CEO Qin cause car home to employees in the company’s internal mail flow, message display, after Ping An shares car home and become the largest shareholder, the original car home management will be safe cleaning, Qin induced position of CEO and Zhong Yiqi’s CFO position has been replaced.

there are millions of people in the world who dream of being able to start a business, write a book, or become a F1 racer, but my career is something special. My job is to evaluate entrepreneurship ideas and product finance presentations, but I’m not VC.

then, Vanke emergency suspension 3 days, found Junan Securities open "rat" features, the burden of proof to the csrc. The Commission subsequently sent south to Shenzhen investigation, finally give up Junan Securities management reshuffle, led by Wang Shi to get rid of this crisis.

editor’s note: the author is Luke Naeem, Appster growth planner. Appster is a software development company in California, USA, which mainly develops websites or mobile applications for enterprises, start-ups.

in fact, the same situation is still going somewhere

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