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in February this year’s apple App Store free application rankings, Pheed has been a week ahead of Twitter and Facebook ranked first. This rapid growth has benefited from downloading from teenagers, who are between 15 and 24 years old, losing interest in Facebook and switching to Pheed, a new social network.

copyright features

Pheed can attract star users, thanks to its business model, can protect the copyright of art works well. It allows users to watermark their uploaded video and photos to mark the version

Pheed’s iOS client launched at the end of the year and attracted a number of star users, such as American artist Pris, ·, Hilton Paris Hilton and Miley ·, Cyrus Miley Cyrus, etc.. According to the ABC news, Pheed co-founder and CEO O.D. Kobo said that the Expo attracted Pheed to some of the stars, but also to get some music agent support, but did not pay them.


The point is keyword advertising, it is often said that the text ads, according to the website content capture relevant keywords, the mouse can be placed on display advertising keywords, it does not take the position of advertisement, as long as a code embedded in the page you can easily make money. The way of advertising is divided into two kinds: one is the vertical advertising 1000ip=100 yuan two non vertical advertising 1000ip=80 yuan, suitable for vertical advertising website includes tourist map traffic logistics gift toys apparel textile and leather building materials investment banking financial securities business electronic agriculture auto parts instrument mechanical hardware metallurgical mineral chemical energy lottery betting recruitment immigration education training examination and enrollment university campus health care medicine service life diet English blog in domestic website, suitable for non vertical advertising websites including game animation, entertainment, film and television information, local information port.

on the surface, Pheed is based on Facebook like buddy system, users can publish text, pictures, audio, video and many other content. This is no different from other social networks. But it’s innovation is the way to make money: Facebook and Twitter website mainly rely on advertising and value-added services to profit, but Pheed "against the world", directly to the user fees.

below is the main content of the article:

‘s approach is: if users feel that someone’s content is very high, then you can pay attention to each other, and pay a small amount of monthly or monthly pay to see what the other side of the release. In other words, Facebook is a content sharing platform, and Pheed goes a step further and becomes a quality content distribution platform.

in the social networking field, Facebook is well deserved king, Twitter, LinkedIn and other websites are the main competitors. However, a social networking service called Pheed is quietly emerging, and its unique business model has attracted the attention of many people.

offbeat social network Pheed: high-quality content users earn money lead: YAHOO wrote this week, in the field of social networking, Facebook "ads + value-added services model seems to be inconfutable truth. But Pheed, a new social network, has proved a unique subscription model, not just one way to make money in social networks.

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