How does shrimp make money from free advertisingA few suggestions to make money no Wangzhuan friends

began the following topic: " how to use free advertising to make money, the last time I share " make a million a month project is to allow everyone to register some shlf1314 send advertising account to sell the account, and then have friends ask me how to sell, there are a lot of things I just provided some ideas, specifically how to sell it don’t ask me, but here I can give you some ideas, such as go to the Taobao sales, you can search in Taobao, now there are a lot of people go there to sales, profit is good; there are people receiving shlf1314 account, not the person receiving the price will be relatively low, is not recommended find such a person. In fact, this is just a way to make money, I want to look at the most is the webmaster, Adsense money now there is a fire is the way to do Taobao customers, now many webmaster Taobao customers not only a website now, some people have a lot to do in the station, then the small shrimp give you an idea, use the the shlf1314 send advertising to Taobao customer advertising, such as your weight is the product of Taobao customers, you can lose weight about ranking in shlf1314 search Figure

2., you are not all the time with others behind, see who made money, received the money, account number of more, and then follow up. Well, I tell you, you’ll never get the sweet. Lu Xun said, "be the first one to eat crabs.". You do not dare to eat, it does not matter. Others eat you eat cooked head? Stir others to eat, you eat beef broth. Eat your own personality.

free ad you might not believe, but it’s true. Before the small shrimp shared " shlf1314 free account to send advertising costs 350 yuan ", which is the source of free advertising, but also to share the last small shrimp shlf1314 " a month million yuan net money project " there are a lot of people, plus a small shrimp , due to the small shrimp one is full, you want to make money with friends to join the small shrimp website optimization exchange group: 107046399, here we can share some knowledge of happiness and SEO make money online.

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whether you’re new or veteran, you can read this if you don’t make any money.

1. you are not in all day thinking about whether their income increase, the account is more of a few good? If it is, then you thought Wangzhuan have serious problems. It’s like a student thinking about scores and doing a few exercises, and we all know it’s counterproductive. Soldiers who do not want to be generals are not good soldiers, but most soldiers who want to be generals are killed by the general. People don’t want to make money is not a good Wangzhuan, so most people want to make money online Wangzhuan owners buried by competitors.

take a look at the webmaster above, they are using shlf1314 in promoting their Taobao customers. Now with free advertising to make money, Why not?? in fact, friends will not be confined to this in several ways that can be used to send advertising to sell their products, to do service, go in to do foreign trade, foreign alliance and so many ways to make money, hope friends they can earn more money, I will regularly write some of my ideas to make money, I hope my friends can pay attention to the small shrimp BLOG, small shrimp group: 107046399, this is our profitable platform for discussion, I hope you to join.

3., I’ve been imitated, never surpassed. This is the hacker community often play cattle, X said a word, repeatedly cited. So, have we been imitating others all day long and never surpassed others, let alone ourselves?. For example: the shlf1314 method on the search alliance, when I was just joined soon had the higher blog out. The way the disk is put on, but many people copy it exactly the same. What’s the point? Do you think you can bring 50 clicks a day? Two words, ip. Can not go beyond, but also learn to change. Later, shlf1314’s dynamic call came out, and then the advanced version of the shlf1314 search came out. These are breakthroughs in technology, first of all. Then we can restructure the existing and maximize the optimization. For example, recently, I put an alliance code in the middle of the player. This player is a template for CPA download and installation. It’s just a small change, and the result is different. Click rate is quite impressive, the effect is also very ideal. Why is it so? Because it’s so eye-catching, it doesn’t attract graphics and text. The teacher’s long sentence is called "draw inferences from others". Right? Someone heard? Of? No Wangzhuan not dead, is not so difficult, keep a kind of fun, fun. Money is the result of what we create. Money is not value itself.

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