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first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

multi interest labels exist, content platform can achieve different content of the same screen, through the content to find out the interests of the platform users, and put labels accordingly. The recommendation algorithm behind the platform is like an intelligent robot that learns the user’s interests deeply by constantly interacting with the user.

recently, the daily express frequently appeared in several major cities subway large screen billboards, a variety of salon activities are also fiery, is there a big action Tencent

as of today

in the Internet world, interest reading platform is not new, the form is similar, the realization of thinking is particularly consistent. Whether it is BAT, or all types of entrepreneurial companies, content platform is to implement the advertising realized. However, the form of advertising realizable and the scale of income may have a strong connection with platform content, user size and content matching.

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from daily express recent action, Tencent should also have a package of promotion program, after all, Tencent this scale of the company is different from the start-up company operating practices at random. So, this time why choose daily express? After all, under the Tencent system, there are currently Tencent news APP, WeChat public platform, aspect, daily express and other content platform.

friend platform

speaking in general, content platform eventually realized traffic flow, the need to consider the platform user value and traffic value maximization. From the point of view of flow realization, to promote personalized content and advertising with tags for interest, we can maximize the precision of advertising exposure and platform advertising revenue. Interest labels related industries, through industry classification, on the one hand, can maximize the reduction of enterprise advertising invalid investment situation; on the other hand, greatly enhance the effectiveness of advertising transformation. For example, a tennis fan sees a favorite tennis class and makes it easy to make a product purchase decision.

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so, Tencent news APP news report content is not suitable for interest recommendation. aspect is not an independent platform, it is difficult to carry Tencent interest, read the product framework. At present, the daily express interest reading should be high hopes, as Penguin content platform strategy pacesetter.

routines are often familiar with the taste of

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lottery products due to the current market policy impact temporarily offline, please replace products. To be announced after the network lottery storm, the data will not return to.

Tencent news APP mainly carries the mobile reading demand of Tencent news users, or emphasizes the authority and professionalism of news content. WeChat public platform needless to say, a higher degree of public recognition, but content is not recommended by the Tencent and distribution, more subjective or personal interest in reading, and the Tencent has repeatedly stressed that WeChat public platform in the future, but not in reading. aspect is recently upgraded by the public number, in addition to regular subscription content, the column also homeopathy, plus interest recommended content.

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