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Hoffman is not only an excellent CEO, but also served as management in many famous enterprises and institutions around the world. He is also a senior consultant who provides valuable training services to many entrepreneurs and fortune 500 companies. He said: "if you are going to invest a lot of manpower and resources in a brilliant project and related legal matters, you should invest equal effort to improve your sales skills.". After all, other than you, people don’t know if your product is really worth buying."

besides Wangzhuan is the core of the network marketing, advertising is just as product promotion means, we all know that CCTV advertising is very expensive, a few seconds to display on the millions, but we think advertisers sell products is much higher than the advertising fees, so that sell products became Wangzhuan classic article the website should choose Wangzhuan after a long road.

Doug Baldasare opened a company in Philadelphia — ChargeItSpot, the flagship product for mobile phone charging piles for retailers. He meets the problem that almost every novice entrepreneur will encounter: how can he reflect the product charm when he can not make a specific presentation to the customer?

Wangzhuan classic article after the road network will choose to sell products, the modern economic society, buying and selling is the best way to make money, this is common sense, big boss cars, are sold in the sales, are selling their own products, this is the highest realm of money.

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don’t worry, we’ll do it step by step.

entrepreneurs tend to see themselves as a guest rather than a salesman, in this regard, marketing theory and practical operation of expert Jeff Hoffman reminds us to face the problem, to develop their own sales enthusiasm.

how to win customer attention

trust business school know professor introduced him to wfmi Whole Foods a local branch of management personnel. After some explanation, he said to each other, "simply put the equipment in the shop and try it on."." With that, he moved the charging pile to the supermarket recreation area. The other party hasn’t responded yet. He has driven off. Six hours later, the supermarket statistics, a total of 50 people here charged electricity – clinch a deal.

, but that doesn’t mean you can use the fatigue tactics to challenge the patience of consumers. Well, sales aren’t that annoying. It is like a dance, you will need the exquisite beyond compare, then surgery, psychological tactics and interpersonal to grasp the rhythm of your. What you can rely on is prior planning, contingency, and innovation that entrepreneurs love most.

I think Wangzhuan there are three modes: sell advertising, selling services, selling products. Most of the people who engage in Wangzhuan are selling advertising, and many are limited to sell advertising, I said advertising refers to advertising alliance in their own Wangzhuan advertising on the site to remuneration and sell some advertising on the station. This model make the most tired, although able to earn money to feed themselves, but will not actually do Wangzhuan long-term goals, we should advocate easy to do wangzhuan.

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from then on, Baldasare became bolder. In meeting with a client company’s CEO, he made a 1 – 10 charging pile model directly with the 3D printer, and left it on the other’s desktop. "The most powerful person in the company will see it," Baldasare said. "They think that it is already CEO approved products." He gave a few sets of charging pile past, so that the company knows who it is family. Eventually, the company was successfully persuaded and increased orders. On another occasion, he is buying company shares worth $35465, and a copy will be sent to the company holding the certificate of CEO, and a message: "I know that you and I both are in the pursuit of commercial value, the company stock will.

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