Alibaba and Tencent are carving out start up companies in Southeast AsiaNanchang campus online plann

, the first step, is the first step out of the Alibaba. In April 2016, Alibaba invested $1 billion in Lazada, a business firm in Southeast asia. This is the China Science and technology company in the East

smartphones are the key to the digital age. Like India, most people in Southeast Asia skipped the PC phase directly, using smartphones and tablets directly. As a result, they basically use the mobile internet.

, this is a promising market,

has become an important means for Chinese Internet companies to find room for growth. In this group of sea wave, Alibaba and Tencent in Southeast Asia layout has attracted foreign technology media TechCrunch attention, in their report, the two in Southeast Asia competition compared to a similar to the "game of Thrones" technology game, citing Related words that investors in Southeast Asia startups they are divided up.

for a long time, Southeast Asia is interested in its neighboring businesses. Southeast Asia not only Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, 6 with 600 million consumers in Malaysia and Philippines market economy, also represents a growing economy and a growing number of middle-class consumers.

, too, reports that the market share of the Internet economy in Southeast Asia will reach $200 billion by 2025. That would be 6.5 times bigger than the $31 billion in 2015. Among them, only one area of e-commerce grew from $5 billion 500 million in 2015 to $88 billion in 2020, half of which will be contributed by Indonesia.

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

, for some of Nanchang’s local economic, cultural and other profiles, as well as the school’s distribution, the number of students and other information. There are also some important information, such as the level of college students per capita consumption, consumer goods and other materials, are not found in the computer, only print version. There are too many words, plus I have more recent things. So it doesn’t come out one by one. Under such a premise, I can only make a thorough simplification of the planning book. Among them, there are many omissions, please exhibitions.

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, a shlf1314 and Temasek report released last year, shows that 260 million of Internet users in Southeast Asia have access to the Internet 3 million 800 thousand times a month. The report estimates that by 2020, Internet labor in Southeast Asia will reach 480 million. Although this can not be compared with China, but adding it with India means that Southeast Asia is a region with great potential for scientific and technological development.

from interest to investment

has two global science and technology strength is telling their logo and money into the venture capital market in Southeast Asia, but they are not shlf1314, Facebook, Microsoft and other Western companies, but the two companies Chinese. In the Chinese market, rival Alibaba and Tencent seem to be aware of the potential of this region and are now pouring in a lot of business experience and money into South East asia. Obviously, this means war, or more dramatic stories. In short, welcome to the game of power in Southeast Asia’s tech circles.

over the past year, China’s enterprises have shifted from wait-and-see to active investment and access to a large market share.

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