sh419 alliance lifting the banDrops and excellent step China merger exposed the nternet start ups

August 1st was a magical day, and rumors of a long and wonderful combination of bits and pieces have finally come true. As the two major domestic travel giants, the merger is a little more fun, or bitter little more. For the vast number of Internet entrepreneurs, it is really worth thinking about. Summarize why can Chinese yuho and drops with? There are many online comments, Mr. head here to sort out, and add their own thinking inside.

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although the Internet world is very painful, but there are still a lot of people have to go forward! When understand the real node, we will choose deep thinking, and for each point to find feasible solutions. Vote by

third, in fact, the reasonable synergy of the market is the most sensible choice

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for Internet products constantly shuffling process, why some companies will be why some people are always with vigour and vitality, intense darkness without light. Not all of the disappearing products are bad. In fact, many products have a very good experience. However, because the market competition is too cruel, if we can not move forward toward benign interaction, this is not only the loss of resources, but also the lack of social innovation motivation.

reported that China had lost $1 billion in 2015, and since it entered China, it has been fighting hand to hand for a long time. Each has used its own subsidy trick, spent a huge amount of money investors. But we still don’t realize the profit. We all know that the ultimate goal of any product is profit. This problem is not only in the "excellent step", and even for many entrepreneurial Internet Co are the same. Most products are started by throwing money, for the funds of the company certainly is not a problem, but for many rely on financing to maintain the entrepreneurial company, if not into the second or third round of financing, entrepreneurial companies will fall in the darkness before the dawn, bitter and sad is inside.

second, market capacity, regional saturation, market growth slowed

      all of the above activities are explained by the sh419 federation.
      note: what you want to do can log on to see, I dare not do it, afraid of being blocked, ha ha.

whether travel or eat well, all Internet products are geared to the needs of the public. Take drops and excellent steps, it is to solve the problem of mass travel. Demand is only demand; it is always saturated. When a product in the market growth is declining, it also indicates that the product market pattern in stereotypes. When the growth rate of users in the recession, if you burn money, it may be unwise choice. The same is true for many start-up companies, and if the investor’s money does not keep orders growing, then the fate is likely to be consolidation or bankruptcy. So hard to get the results, reconciled to it,

first, China is too expensive, but still no profit,

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