Wangzhuan jungle how the summit in Pyramid in the systemTo adhere to the practical network marketing


sends a lot of messages online every day and uses software to publish messages. Also, work with other organizations websites that promote each other and go to the portal to create a corporate blog for publicity. Mail marketing is also very important, search data is the most important link, and then is to tidy up the e-mail address, you can send it by mail * * * software. But now NetEase mailbox verification is too cumbersome, it is difficult to send in, that is, each time he sent 20 such a manual to send, it is difficult to send, not much can not be sent, or NetEase was closed. In addition, I use the * * * fax, as long as you collect customer data, and then open the computer, the software can be sent, so that you can not salesman, let the machine to work for you. If the boss is not here, he can be comfortable and not afraid of poor performance.

when you join any kind of Wangzhuan when it is needed from the most basic level the lowest level to start, which is destined to be divided into at least grade the lowest income level. In order to quickly structure in Pyramid summit, need is a change of attitude and thought, to actively their transformation from "migrant workers" to the role of a "manager" and "organizer" role, not only to work for others, depending on the physical labor to earn meager income role. After all, the only way to get more share into the system is to manage and operate, and to rely on referrals


behind each Wangzhuan form, in fact, are hidden in its own profit chain. As a newcomer, to join after a period of time, we should gradually try to feel out what you do Wangzhuan form behind the profit model, it is this chain operation characteristics and principle, to clear each level of play in the role of the link, at the same time considering how to do the primary of this layer to a higher level of development, the only way to the operation system to earn a greater share of. For example, for the code for entry of the higher, the code is often the most basic primary into this level, can only earn the lowest share of, to make a breakthrough, we need to try to find the organizer can become possible, let oneself become in the middle of the operation of the system, to earn more income through the organization the other primary Wangzhuan person.

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Wangzhuan ways of making money online with Internet has gone through a long time, the form and content are constantly changing, development today has formed a diversified, new and old Wangzhuan interwoven pattern, in many Wangzhuan form, offline marketing mode has been so far experienced Wangzhuan can rely on the line to create Everfount royalty income, and many new friends but not touch the doorway while hovering in the double position, which can be seen in Wangzhuan their intensity of competition and the difficulty in increasing

has done so long network marketing, I think there is no shortcut to do, do nothing impatient, we must go to the point. Everything comes back to nature.

first, to quickly feel out of their choice in the form of secret Wangzhuan

should change from "working person" to "manager" actively.

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now have a feeling, is doing everything to go to work, do not impatient. Network marketing needs to be persistent! Everything must be persisted. Nothing can be done casually. Three days fishing, two days drying nets certainly not. There is no shortcut in the world, and success can only be achieved through hardships and obstacles. I hope everyone can make their first pot of gold through Internet marketing and realize their bright future!

in the fierce competition and the development of the industry is change rapidly, regardless of income or Wangzhuan between superior and subordinate relations have gradually formed a structure similar to pyramid, in the Pyramid structure, can earn money just at the top part of the Pyramid people, and many of the new station is only at the bottom of the tower look at those become. As the proverb says: "don’t want to be a general is not a good soldier!" for Wangzhuan people, if you are willing to work for others a very meager income earned it doomed to have no future, should do is to let oneself in the play ability and cleverness, the Pyramid structure fast the summit, to become a leader.

collecting information is the most important. Software search is almost the same, the search is not necessarily, you will find many customers, it is important that you use the keyword search, how to filter out their customers, this is the most important. And then try to send your data to the customer. As for the customer to say, if you have a high level of business, it did not have to say. Good performance, customer information must be more, or else not at all. Finally, I talk about collecting information on the Internet without any tools. Search a customer information, you can apply divergent thinking, see a message, you can search sh419. For example, you see a related customer online, then you can look at his resume, he went to work in that company, and then in the sh419 to find the company’s information, which is usually very accurate. My experience is that such data collection is the best! Internet marketing needs to adhere to,

As a variety of ways

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