A5 marketing anchor text of webmaster how to make the enterprise website page

this time the author in communication group and part of the enterprise novice webmaster exchange, the exchange is the optimization of Enterprise Station anchor text, anchor text look in their eyes is very important, they think the content page if the keywords on the anchor text point to the home page will bring to the keywords ranking and weight, that is the home page, I see a content page from the enterprise station, found a page is not a keyword anchor text, 3-4 anchor text pointing to the home page, product page channel, it is good for them, but I took a look at the website almost nothing weight and ranking, the ranking is also partly hidden and partly visible. When ZAC in training once said that one belongs to the anchor text of the chain, either do or don’t do it, just do what you do best and delicate, and later appeared in common leads and co occurrences, Lou song song also said such a sentence, the text in the future has replaced the anchor text, anchor text effect more and more small. So, I want to exchange together with the majority of business owners, and to do according to your point of view in the group communication, I hope to help those who are worried about the anchor text optimization of corporate owners.

when released on master station, either the anchor text or just don’t, why? Because a lot of enterprise owners to mess with the anchor text, especially some Adsense in the content page to catch the key words do anchor text and then all point to the content of the page, there is the anchor text in irrelevant words, these is now the enterprise in the most often do, here believe there will be a lot of business owners resonate. The author suggests that when either the anchor text or just don’t add, finally the anchor text site because after being punished for ugly.


, or add anchor text or just don’t add anchor text

website anchor text is the most familiar business owners, a form of anchor text belongs to the inner chain, is one of many corporate owners love to do the most optimization in optimizing a website at present, many owners also pay attention to the optimization of the anchor text, but some webmaster if there is no good control of the anchor text may bring right down, K station etc.. From the current data, most of the enterprise webmaster in website optimization, that if the anchor text for keywords ranking optimization properly will bring more weight to the site, of course, in the form of the chain of the anchor text anchor text is better than the control in the form of the chain, and as long as the control station anchor text will give the site the benefits of. Therefore, more and more enterprises to let the station anchor text webmaster attention, especially some newly recruited novice webmaster.

usually in the publication time and anchor text, because an anchor text belongs to the chain, and I also very lazy, so don’t bother to add anchor text, the author generally are used inside the random reading, reading, reading, doing the recommended chain on the next page, the page, so the anchor text is omitted, the author of these practices, other owners can also webmaster do optimization, it is within the chain within the chain should choose better, and the effect of the anchor text.


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