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"after 90" entrepreneurial groups can rise rapidly in a short time, and closely related to changes in the ecology of education.

      generally speaking, a forum has at least 3 different theme forum, the forum with respect to shlf1314 ADsense are very different in volume and value, the poor performance of the theme forum for failing to give advertisers high returns, will lead to the loss of advertisers directly from the forum, and the Forum shlf1314 ADsense revenue is getting worse. According to the 81 shlf1314 ADsense to make money online research on forum experience, we think that shlf1314 ADsense in the forum revenue fell sharply due to some of the poor performance of the theme section reduces the overall performance of the forum, which leads to the loss of the advertisement host forum.

Education Ecology: commercialization, internationalization, teen geeks,

      TVB Forum is a large flow of integrated forum, the theme section more than 10. There are both vertically focused themes and a hodgepodge of content. After participating in the shlf1314 ADsense program, the webmaster put AdSense ads on all boards. Because of the strong aesthetic skills, shlf1314 ADsense advertising and forum content and layout of a very clever integration, coupled with the flow of powerful, revenue was high. But as time went on, GG earnings fell all the way. Stationmaster is very confused, write a letter to seek help 81 online to make money research, hope to give advice to shlf1314 ADsense in the throw in the forum. The AdSense specialist carries on the analysis to the forum and background data, that the stations are in place in the advertising format, color, position configuration, only misses the most important point, is that there is no different for their different value flow section of the forum theme in-depth analysis. Therefore, we suggest that the station to each of its forums, forums, respectively, channel tracking, analysis, to clarify the different themes of the plate relative to the value of shlf1314 ADsense different?.

"high school attached to the north and the middle school affiliated to the NPC" technical residence ", such as Ji Yichao and our previous CTO, is a classmate of Beijing University attached middle school. In contrast, our eleven schools will not be able to "technical residence" in this respect, but >

a few days ago, tiger sniffing published "the active on the Internet 90 entrepreneurs!" this has been part of 90 entrepreneurs listing, but for this group and their ecological mining is not enough to rely on.


Gao Yang, 1990 Shandong man in Shandong, the high school education of extreme terrorist places, and education for the college entrance examination disappointed he refused to repeat, despite family opposition, in the name of Science Blog a year later decided to Beijing, PE/VC has engaged in editorial and business work and found myself in another world. Currently, 3 partners in Hangzhou are making a tech geek question and answer community called Segmentfault.

today, let’s see.

online English teaching platform in chat founder Zhang Linxuan and co-founder Xu Dechen. Zhang is 20 years old, but Xu Dechen is only 18. Zhang Dexuan studied in China and graduated from primary school. He studied in Canada and the United States and graduated from high school. Zhang during the United States, that is, a simple entrepreneurial experience, parking spaces into advertising. And Xu Dechen, junior high school has done a "Byzantine" hip-hop dance club, in Beijing hip-hop circle of small fame, in the genetic parents of high intelligence quotient, he seems to need to test to solve the problem is a small problem. I started high school marketing business in high school. Not to read the domestic university is his firm choice, "failed and how" is his view of entrepreneurship, suffer a loss, is equivalent to walking hit a pole, continue to move forward, that’s it".

starts going on after 90.

      in the forum theme forum all channel tracking a few weeks later, we clearly found for four shlf1314 ADsense theme forum advertising revenue is far lower than the other theme plate, 81 research suggested that the station to make money online to AdSense advertising from the four theme forum all removed. Over the next few weeks, we found that the number of forums shlf1314 ADsense has declined considerably, but shlf1314 >

      to find out the quality of the forum traffic, maximize the value of these high-quality traffic, is in addition to choosing the right format and advertising position, optimize the forum shlf1314 ADsense put the most important point. The following example illustrates the problem:

Ji Yichao, Peak Ji, born in Beijing in 1992, was a mammoth browser when he was studying at Beijing high school. At an event in the University, he did not want to venture, could not resist the Sequoia Capital partner Kui Zhou "temptation", after Xu Xiaoping and Sequoia Capital Investment, the establishment of Peak Labs laboratory. There are parents Kochi he is a typical "90 technology home, began to learn programming from the primary school, and later launched the mammoth browser from design to art, development, testing, operation, all by himself alone, he has admitted his management and sales is not long, the Peak is not Labs all of the core members of the basic requirements of the office, through the mail exchange, the organizational structure of the company is quite loose.

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