B2B website optimization first to solve these problems

B2B the main navigation website looks simple, is nothing more than supply, purchase, product, enterprise information, etc. the main columns, but in these different column corresponds to a large number of information and classification, which leads to a lot of B2B site classification is complex, layout confusion, walked into the palace because of many, or direct users to leave, or resistance find a means to meet the needs of the information may not be so, maybe next time will not come again, and to search engine optimization, this also caused obstacles to crawl, reduce the search engine spiders in the site’s working efficiency, the amount of information in the very large B2B website, is tantamount to refusing to hinder spider flow. No matter for the user or for the search engine, a large well-known B2B website is OK, because the authority has the brand, this is the capital, and a small B2B site do not have the capital, if the structure didn’t take what features than

1, website structure

B2B website optimization has become one of the most important strategy for B2B website network marketing strategy, search engine traffic can not be ignored, but the B2B website is different from the station, this kind of website general level, structure is relatively complex, and the content of information is very large, while many of the B2B sites corresponds to generate a lot of the user level two or two level domain name directory, is because of these factors, many B2B sites have many problems, especially some small B2B website, there is no professional team or manager is not optimized, which leads to until now those common problems still exist. The wood of Shanghai dragon talk about those problems, especially small B2B website.


said, B2B website classification is more complicated, so let the user and search engine can "Browse" website, breadcrumb navigation is unavoidable, but many B2B there is no direct breadcrumb navigation >

3, breadcrumb navigation problem

is a small B2B site, this is a very big problem, because many small B2B website is to rely on advertising, better advertising businesses, and most are relying on the flow of advertising, this is understandable, because the station long need to make money. But advertising is to have a degree, there must be a reasonable arrangement, the following is a screenshot of the B2B website home page, you can see the location of the 1/2 is the first screen advertising, and also in the above, it can be said that this is the home of the most important position, but all advertising, a quick look also that is a huge website. There are many sites such as B2B, because there are a lot of ads on the click charges, but also some of the mom, which requires the user to click or buy, so owners will put it in a prominent position, but your site is B2B site, don’t forget the user here. This is the cart before. Consumption of your users, and also is the excessive consumption.


2, advertising

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