On the user experience and website structure key


two, the user needs the product description and specifications

, a user needs

four, the performance of visual

The so-called

            user experience should have different answers in the hearts of everyone. After all, how consistent it is impossible to achieve any feeling. As we are, when hungry in the street just to find a small restaurant, can satisfy our hunger problem, experience in place. Some have to find a solution to your stomach Western-style food. Thus, each stand, and get, can satisfy yourself is not consistent.

site structure for a Shanghai Longfeng staff many stations are unable to reach a satisfactory level. Of course, if you want to modify a station architecture, it is a very troublesome thing. So in the website at the same time, we should take these factors into some of the strong website. Now the vast majority of the site is built in a tree. To facilitate users to browse, also easy to search engine spiders. At the beginning of the search engine spiders through the web site;

user experience is the main experience of what factors? The following made several hierarchical classification:

with the development of the network, each view of the web sites have changed significantly. The vast majority of users will be beautiful to evaluate a quality of the site. Increased demand, customers continue to amend the request, resulting in a large network company is now obvious inconvenience in the construction site. Is Shanghai dragon industry, constantly innovation, in order to gain a firm. At present, Shanghai Longfeng optimization must pay attention to what factors of the site itself? The most prominent is nothing more than two points: the structure of a web site; two, user experience. The user experience is the most important in these two points, the other is the website structure.

user experience is the user in the use of a product, can be in a variety of situations, can be convenient, fast, to achieve the goal. As you drive, the old navigation error, so what do you do? I think the answer is obvious, we use a product, the key is to provide them with convenient, improve efficiency, reduce all unnecessary errors.


three, the user needs to know the information architecture of

four points above I also stand in the user’s point of view to analyze and draw, but before that have everyone feel inconsistent. For reference only. The four point I use Taobao to do a simple explanation, such as you want to buy a Taobao iPhone4 shell, then you must be in the Taobao search " iPhone4 mobile phone shell; " or " Apple mobile phone ", is found; tens of thousands of information, what would you say to me next? I want to find the style is most probably it did not actually happen again, more of a family, see the introduction of products, specifications, professional shop of

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