Comparative analysis between the difficulty of Shanghai Longfeng regional key

qq- I think to want to make good use of it is like Shanghai dragon blog, must raise! But QQ more than a blog to keep the data, get a woman! Space came a few photos of beautiful women (especially those little stars generally do not know) according to the goal of the website to the user some groups, first entered the group in the group few a few words, so you won’t think group management is to do advertising. Now is not the pure QQ group chat QQ group · · · every group will also have some junk information! To avoid being T, so the best in the group to say a few words, few a few words, a woman’s love, we will get the "greedy" dialect (especially when the main group or group management online).


plus end group after say, hang a few hours a day, with good news: Wow, that you do not have a few days will be able to add a bunch of friends! This promotion for the future lay a good foundation for


QQ I think everyone is the most widely used QQ space in addition to chat, share, log reprint, mood. This QQ can be comparable to micro-blog and mood, I seldom contact users ever play micro-blog. But micro-blog also can send


website promotion four words, that is "user experience" you have brought in some way by Internet users, Internet users are very picky, if one looked no people need, people will immediately turn off. This not only can not give users a good experience on the same site of the Shanghai Dragon ‘target=’_blank’> Shanghai dragon is very negative, so to speak in the promotion to the attention of the time you send something whether let users read on. Whether users are interested in.

I don’t think carefully you are like this? "User experience" I think it’s right to pursue every website. It is easy to say, it is not easy for · · · 555


said that for a long time and seemingly have nothing

QQ users can not be ignored, if you have 400 friends · · · usually online can reach about one hundred wow, then you have published a mood, published the value of reading the title of the article, and then take your article links. We usually nothing love shopping space, if the one hundred people have 50 people of interest will click in the title, so 50 IP, PV do not know this! The same method, the log space get good, with a link, the anchor text once this day! Will you be a friend to share the · · · it is a great good friends, friends friends friends push push · &mi>


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