Xining provincial population and Family Planning Commission supervision free pre pregnancy health ex

In August 20th, the provincial population and Family Planning Commission deputy director Zhang Xiuping, director of the Department of science and technology Jin Peide, the implementation of national free pre pregnancy health checks in Xining city to carry out supervision, to the county health examination program of free pre pregnancy reports on the situation, to further improve the project work requirements

8 20, provincial population and Family Planning Commission deputy director Zhang Xiuping, director of the Department of science and technology Jin Peide, the implementation of national free pre pregnancy health checks in Xining city to carry out supervision, to the county health examination program of free pre pregnancy condition report, the proposed requirements further improve the project. Xining Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission to do a good job of free pre pregnancy health examination program to do a re arrangement. read more

Small children like mother assured choice

the healthy growth of children, always the choice of children’s clothing. How small children? In the children’s clothing market, has been very popular. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the United States children project, is a very good choice!

small children good? My mother assured choice. Choose children’s clothing for children, is now a big fun for young mothers. There are a lot of children’s clothing brands on the market, the United States is good for children? The United States children launched variety children’s products with colorful childhood for the children, four continued hot, spring spring summer a pleasant, enthusiastic, sincere love of autumn, winter, flying and meet the various needs in. read more

Today the west is strong cool hit

October 15th, the author learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, Xining region affected by the strong cold air for 16 to 17 days will be blowing cool weather, the morning minimum temperature will drop 4 DEG -5 DEG, 4 level -6 of the westerly, the municipal meteorological station to remind the general public to add warm clothing.

it is understood that the next three days, the minimum temperature in Xining will break through the official entry into the temperature of 0 degrees C. 16, 2009, the city and the county have showers weather, the minimum temperature of 0 degrees C (). The 17 day, the weather improved, but there is a northwest wind weather grade 5 -6, the minimum temperature will continue to decline, the city will break the minimum temperature of 0 DEG C to minus 3 degrees, the minimum temperature of Huangyuan, Huangzhong and Datong three counties will fall to minus 4 degrees celsius. 18, the lowest temperature in the urban area of 2 degrees, Huangyuan, Huangzhong and Datong County, the minimum temperature will rise in three. read more

The congratulatory letter of fellow Muslim Eid

Muslim compatriots in the province:

in the annual Islamic traditional festival – Eid al Fitr Festival approaching, I would like to express my warm congratulations to the majority of Muslims in the province, and extend my sincere greetings!

for a long time, the province’s Muslim compatriots to respond positively to the party and the government call, hard work, innovation, diligence and self-improvement, cherish the unity, and the people of all ethnic groups in the province together, Qinghai jointly promote the sustained and healthy economic development and social harmony and stability. read more

Xining Railway Station 11 days to complete the transition from the train station will be temporarily

Xining Railway Station yard transition plan completed in September 11th, the railway transportation line will pass from the high-speed field just completed, to ensure the normal operation of passenger and freight, and demolition of existing platform and track the yard, the implementation of the underground passage, general speed alterations and station shelter and general speed field above the elevated station building construction.

reporter yesterday learned from the Qinghai Tibet railway, Xining Railway Station building consists of three layers, divided into elevated waiting layer, platform layer, station hall layer three aspects and three auxiliary dissection, the highest number of 12000 people gathered. Xining Railway Station station consists of 9 platforms 21 lines (line 4), of which 8 yard Lanqing hair line (line), 6 stations table 13; Lanzhou station to the hair line (line), 11 stations table. read more

Western traveler Chen Yiqing exhibition held in Xining

In August 10th, the Western Travel – Chen Yiqing exhibition in Xining International Summer Summer Village street family circle red Gallery held, the provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja and the Provincial Federation of relevant leaders, Provincial Association of painters exhibition.

Chen Yiqing, born in 1963 in Qinghai, graduated from Minzu University of China, Academy of Fine Arts, is currently a member of the Chinese artists association. At the age of 26, his works "out of Qinghai" which won the silver medal in the national art exhibition held in 1985; the "Untitled Exhibition" was included in "China contemporary art history". The exhibition exhibited his paintings, prints more than and 20. The works on display, with a solid and unique realistic artistic language, showed painter enthusiasm for Tibetan Plateau mountains praise, its fresh and ethereal beauty, showing the theme of nature pure, broad and profound, but also reflects the painters to creative attitude and diligent exploration spirit and the unique language of the cable show. (author: Ma Jun) read more

Qinghai province held a celebration of May Day and may day labor medal commendation ceremony

West this year 2 million 100 thousand tourists

The west area in accordance with the "three estate rich area", "tourism live zone" strategy, efforts to create a famous tourism brand, promote tourism reception capacity this year, the district received 2 million 109 thousand and 800 tourists, an increase of 18.8%. Tourism investment 60 million yuan to complete the annual target of 150%. Up to now, tourism revenue reached 2 billion 375 million yuan, an increase of 30%.

Xining Social Security Bureau appealed to the insured public good money

Lee hospital discharge settlement medical time-consuming, not only let her pay, even hospitalization paid two thousand yuan deposit or full refund, it is wrong to hospital account? Xining City Social Security Bureau reply, no hospital is incorrect, Medicare card "jiumingqian" played a role.

originally, Ms. Lee is the medical insurance of the insured, she the hospital, funds paid three thousand yuan, the individual part of the burden from her personal account (Medicare card money) paid. Because of her personal account accumulation, so Qifubiaozhun, self-care and individuals should take part at their own expense and will not have to pay. read more