Analysis of the causes of the old station paint keywords ranking drop

                      a 04 year old PR3 station the author, keywords ranking has been very stable, the thirteen words are in love Shanghai home page ranking is in front, but love Shanghai big update on this Monday, all the key words seventh to eighth pages. Originally this month wages is to get the station of the Commission, is now ranked out of commission will come to nothing, but there are three thousand thirty thousand single block of the Commission, which makes me very worried. In recent days, I continue to give the site diagnosis, obtains some fundamental reasons directly influence the website keywords ranking, hoping to give back in return for reference webmaster words. read more

Striker a case study of search engine lag

. The main keywords ranking continues to update last week was brushed off, Google ranked these days again, today is seventh. This within a month, do not call the shots keywords anchor link.


. When do the station, to Shanghai after the 3000 domain do not do, half a year later, as revised, domain query and 2750. The stability of external links, keywords ranking is one of the main reasons for such a long time lag.

A revision of the The lag of

, a search engine behind


search engine lag believe that is not strange, after all, every day the Internet so huge data processing. Then, the search engine "time lag parameters" and what read more