Computer time is modern parents’ bribe and threat

first_imgBBC News 22 January 2015The Childwise survey, which has been tracking family life in the UK since the 1990s, shows a surge in the number of tablet computers used by children.But it suggests that parents use time on tablet computers as a way of rewarding or punishing their children.The study shows young people spend more time online than watching television.This latest report from Childwise, the 21st annual survey, shows children’s lives suffused with technology, using tablet computers, laptops, videogames and smartphones.Tablets ‘modern treat’  The study, based on a representative sample of more than 2,000 children across the UK, aged 5 to 16, shows that two of the most popular destinations are YouTube and the online game Minecraft.The use of tablet computers is overtaking laptops among young children, says the survey – and it suggests they have become important bargaining chips in family negotiations“Parents like tablets because they are controllable – a tablet can be given or taken away to reflect good or bad behaviour, in a way that is not possible with a conventional television set or computer,” says the research.“Apps can be purchased as rewards, and, with the growing use of tablets in primary schools, there are strong perceived educational advantages.”Research director Simon Leggett says tablet computers are particularly likely to be seen as the young person’s personal possession, making the arguments about restrictions even more fraught.Access to the internet is now so integrated into young people’s lives, he says, that they see access as a fundamental right rather than a privilege.This will strike a chord with many families, suggests Cathy Ranson, editor of the Netmums parenting website.“Banning screen time is the modern version of “grounding” kids,” she said.She said a study of Netmums users had found many parents using limits on computers as a punishment or reward, replacing “traditional treats”.But she warned that too much emphasis on access to screen time could prioritise computers “to the exclusion of real family life”. read more

Short-Term Fix Restores Water to Much of Ft. Lauderdale; Boil Water Advisory Remains

first_imgThere is some good news for those in and around Fort Lauderdale.City officials announced Thursday afternoon that they have implemented a temporary fix that has already restored water to much of the city, following a city-wide outage that started earlier in the week.They originally shut the water off Wednesday morning around 7 a.m. to make emergency repairs to a major water main.That affected 220,000 customers and caused the city to issue a state of emergency.However, city commissioner Ben Sorensen explains that even those who have had their water restored need to continue boiling water before consuming it, until a long-term solution is implemented. He adds, “We continue to work on a long-term resolution. It is very possible we will again lose water service as we make continued long-term repairs.”According to Sorensen, it was Florida Communication Concepts, a private contractor that was repairing electric lines for FPL, which cut a 6-inch hole in a 42-inch concrete water line that goes to the Fiveash water treatment facility near the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport on Wednesday afternoon. The city ended up shutting off the water supply from the well fields to repair the line.Florida Communication Concepts has already been cited and issued a notice to appear in an enforcement action. Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis says service could be fully restored by Thursday night or Friday morning, although others in the Public Works Department say it most likely will not be restored until late Friday afternoon or evening.According to city officials, other affected cities and areas include: Port Everglades, Oakland Park, Davie, Lauderdale By-the-Sea, Sea Ranch Lakes, Tamarac, and Wilton Manors.All Broward Health hospitals and urgent care centers remain open.In addition, DaVita is still offering dialysis treatment at all six locations, which serve 403 patients, in the affected area. Those in need of dialysis care are asked to call DaVita Guest Services at (800) 400-8331.Meanwhile, water is being brought in from other communities.There are three bottled water locations set up in the city:Beach Community Center, 3351 NE 33rd Avenue, Fort LauderdaleMills Pond Park, 2201 NW 9th Avenue, Fort LauderdaleRiverland Park, 555 SW 11th Avenue, Fort LauderdalePeople with questions can call the City of Fort Lauderdale’s 24-Hour Neighbor Service Center at (954) 828-8000.CLOSURESThe following events and venues have been closed, canceled, or put on hold:Broward CenterBroward County CourthouseLA Fitness and Whole Foods on Federal Highway near Oakland Park BoulevardGalleria MallBroward County Convention Center, host to the USA Volleyball High Performance ChampionshipsMain LibraryAfrican American Research Library and Cultural CenterRiverside Hotel in Las OlasNo Water Service in Fort Lauderdale for 24 Hours Due to Main Break Sorensen says, “Crews responded immediately to assess the situation and worked through the night attempting to shut down the valves that control the water flow in order to activate a bypass line. While the work was taking place, the damaged pipe collapsed, necessitating that the water flow from the wells be shut off. We are working on three solutions simultaneously.”On Thursday afternoon, crews were still working on shutting down large valves, each of which takes about 700 turns to shut off, in order to try to activate the bypass line and get water flowing back into the Fiveash plant.Sorensen adds that a replacement pipe was found in Miami-Dade County. A crew flying in from out of state will attempt to put a line stop on the damaged line that will also allow a bypass to be activated.last_img read more

Turnbull, Boys Choir of Harlem founder, 62

first_imgThe chairman of the choir’s board, former New York Mayor David Dinkins, called Turnbull “a giant in American choral music performance and arrangement.” He said the board was dedicated to preserving the choir. The renowned institution has fallen into debt, and the 50-boy choir was evicted last year and now has a reduced, mostly volunteer staff. In 2001, 15-year-old David Pinks told choir officials he had been abused by Frank Jones Jr., who directed the choir’s counseling and summer camp and chaperoned members on trips for more than two decades. Choir leaders – including Walter Turnbull and his vice president, Horace Turnbull – did nothing, Pinks and investigators maintain. In late 2002, Jones was convicted of 24 counts of sexually abusing Pinks and sentenced to two years in prison. While it is the policy of The Associated Press not to identify victims of sexual abuse by name, Pinks came forward last year in hopes of encouraging other victims not to feel ashamed. In 2003, city investigators concluded that the Turnbulls “failed to report serious allegations of abuse” and continued to allow Jones to be near students. Walter Turnbull said at the time that what happened to Pinks was “very unfortunate.” “We have done over the years all the things that we could to make sure that we did the best thing, the right thing,” he said. Born in Greenville, Miss., Turnbull studied music at Tougaloo College and moved to New York to become an opera singer, eventually performing with the New York Philharmonic. He founded the choir at Ephesus Church in 1968 and built the after-school program into the 600-student Choir Academy of Harlem, which opened in 1993. The choir has released albums and been heard on the soundtracks of films such as “Jungle Fever,” “Malcolm X” and “Glory.” Rangel said fundraising efforts to keep the choir going would continue. “The boys choir is not going to die with the great doctor,” he said. NEW YORK – Walter Turnbull, who founded the Boys Choir of Harlem in a church basement and led the organization to international acclaim that included performances in the White House and the Vatican, died Friday. He was 62. Turnbull died just after 3 p.m. in a New York City hospital, said his brother, Horace Turnbull. He said Turnbull had suffered a stroke months earlier. “He was a genius of a man who managed to take his talents in bringing out song in young people who had no training,” said Rep Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., who helped raise funds for the choir. “To take that talent and turn into academic achievement, it was just remarkable.” Turnbull’s death marked the latest in a sad string of events for the famed choir, which has been reeling from scandal since a choirboy accused a counselor six years ago of sexually abusing him. City investigators chided Turnbull for his handling of the allegations. last_img read more

Donegal family join campaign to support HPV vaccine uptake

first_imgThe Houston family from Portnoo in Co. Donegal has lent their support to a new HSE campaign to encourage parents to get their children vaccinated against HPV.The Houstons – Susie, Francis, Megan (14) and Molly (12) from Ballykilduff are appearing in informative videos to share their experience of the programme.The Houston’s eldest daughter Megan was vaccinated in September 2017 and Molly will get the vaccine in September of this year. The campaign videos aim to offer real-life perspectives on the HPV vaccine.The HPV vaccine is now being given to all first year students in secondary school, including girls and, for the first time, boys. HPV is a virus that can cause cervical cancer, and other cancers in both women and men. The HPV vaccine will protect young people from HPV related cancers when they grow up.The uptake of the HPV vaccine has a participation rate of approximately 70%, which is an increase of 20% points since 2017.   The HSE has creditted the tireless work of HPV vaccine campaigner Laura Brennan for the increase in uptake. Ms Brennan was honoured at the launch of the vaccine campaign on Tuesday. Endorsing the Vaccination Programme, Minister for Health Mr. Simon Harris T.D.  noted: “Associated by many with the simple phrase ‘Thank you, Laura’, it is always with great gratitude that we remember Laura Brennan. We might have been launching this latest campaign with uptake for the vaccine still as low as 50%.  But thanks to Laura’s passionate advocacy, we are building now from an increased rate of 70%.“Laura’s work has been so important and highlights why it remains so vital that parents are provided with accurate and credible information to help them to make a fully informed decision concerning HPV vaccination.  Get the facts at and ensure that they receive this life-saving vaccine.“I would also like to remind parents that it is not too late for girls who missed the vaccine in previous years. Any parents who have reconsidered their decision and are seeking the vaccine for their daughters can use the HSE catch-up service.”Donegal family join campaign to support HPV vaccine uptake was last modified: August 28th, 2019 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:hpvlast_img read more

Jurassic Ark: Mesozoic Fossils that Challenge Evolution

first_img(Visited 42 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Here are recent discoveries of extinct terrestrial and marine reptiles and animals from the Jurassic and Cretaceous.Generic early theropod: A “mini-T. rex” near the coast of Wales is reported in Live Science. Two brothers were hunting for ichthyosaurs when they found a theropod instead, from the early Jurassic. It looks very similar to ones 200 million years older. Why didn’t it evolve? “About 200 million years later, the [newfound] dinosaur looks a little generic, but at the time in the early Jurassic, it was quite new and different,” Steven Vidovic of the University of Portsmouth remarked. “So the reason it might look a bit generic in hindsight is that loads of later dinosaurs repeated the winning formula.” Because later theropods are assumed to have evolved into birds, New Scientist shows an artist’s rendition replete with imaginary protofeathers. What they are not asking is, where is the pre-theropod ancestor? Another interesting aspect is the manner of its burial. The BBC News says “the animal was encased in marine rocks, meaning its body was somehow transported out to sea before settling into sediments.” In fact, sea urchins were found all over it.Marine giant: A pliosaur that “terrorized Russian seas” long before there were Russian people is announced on PhysOrg. Pliosaurs are like short-necked plesiosaurs, often larger; together, they make up the Sauropterygians. Pliosaurs “existed in the oceans from the Triassic right until the end of the Cretaceous, when they went extinct along with the non-avian dinosaurs and other vertebrate groups,” the article states. “This actually makes sauropterygians the longest living group of marine-adapted tetrapods (animals with four limbs), which is quite an impressive feat!” No doubt. But if they are tetrapods, didn’t they have to evolve from land creatures into obligate sea creatures, like whales presumably did? (see Living Waters film). Why, yes. Are there any fossils documenting such a “great transformation”? As with all ichthyosaurs (“fish-lizards”), “Clear transitional forms with land-dwelling vertebrate groups have not yet been found, the earliest known species of the ichthyosaur lineage being already fully aquatic.”Update 1/23/16: Oxford scientists had a “wow” moment when they discovered a long-necked plesiosaur, a “fantastic fossil” with almost all its bones in a quarry. They named their sea monster “Eve,” the BBC News reports. Plesiosaurs have 76 neck vertebrae, compared to a giraffe’s 7. Like pliosaurs, these creatures were fully aquatic but have no known terrestrial ancestors, even though according to evolution, they must have evolved from land tetrapods. All four limbs are flippers adapted for swimming. This one they claim is 165 million years old. A paleontologist remarked that Eve has “some anatomical features only seen in Picrocleidus, a plesiosaur about half the size of this new skeleton.” The neck alone is 8 feet long.Big eyed arthropod: Dollocaris is an extinct Jurassic crustacean with twin eyes so big, they amounted to one quarter of its whole body length. PhysOrg has a picture of the critter that was announced in Nature Communications. One amazing aspect is the exceptional preservation, allowing scientists to count individual ommatidia (segments) of its compound eyes. They estimate this creature had 18,000 ommatidia in each eye—a huge number for arthropods, only exceeded by some dragonflies that have 30,000. Such large eyes with so many segments gave these creatures panoramic vision. The authors understand that Cambrian arthropods already had complex eyes 550 million years ago in the evolutionary scheme, and this one is much later, but they note: “Although apposition eyes most certainly evolved much earlier than the Jurassic, we present direct evidence here that the internal organization of the most common modern eye type already existed 160 million years ago.” Even so, if they “evolved much earlier,” they did so without any ancestors, since all the arthropods of the Cambrian explosion appear abruptly, eyes and all. Live Science says they had “incredibly complex sight” and “acute vision”.Big guys: Another Titanosaur fossil was found in South America, PhysOrg reports. This one “likely shook the ground with each step in what is now modern-day Argentina,” it states. The behemoth was “82 to 92 feet and up to 66 tons – 132,000 pounds.” They are the largest land animals that ever lived, comparable to humpback whales in size. In a related article, PhysOrg shows a picture of the new titanosaur exhibit in New York. All the titanosaurs found come from South America and Patagonia.Love is a frilling thing: Science Daily is making the claim that those large bony frills on ceratopsids are proof of sexual selection. The “first demonstration of sexual selection in dinosaurs” has been identified, they say, because the frills are “likely to have been used in sexual displays and to assert social dominance.” How can they know that? Well, scientists at Queen Mary University argue that the frills grew as the animals matured, therefore they must have been for sex. One of the profs shares his ideas on The Conversation, even speculating on what colors would have put a female Protoceratops in the mood for love. None of this is more than inference based on evolutionary assumptions. Meanwhile, in Canada, Phil Currie is excited about a different ceratopsid named Chasmosaurus and how its frill changed shape as it grew. This Science Daily article, by contrast, contains no speculation about the frill being used for sexual selection.Dinosaur bones are real, and so were the creatures that left the remains. What’s unreal are the stories told about them. Evolutionists pick up the bones and, like shamans around the campfire, wave them about as they dream up worlds out of their imagination. Dinosaurs morphed from mythical pre-dinosaurs, they say, and then morphed into new shapes over vast periods of unobserved time. Nonsense. They appear without ancestors in the fossil record, and they went extinct. The facts of these articles challenge the evolutionary view and support rapid burial in flood conditions.last_img read more

Unicef to host fundraising gala in South Africa

first_imgUnicef is hosting a fundraising gala in South Africa for the first time, in May. The proceedings will benefit socioeconomically disadvantaged children.Unicef national ambassador for South Africa Jo-Ann Strauss will moderate the organisation’s gala event on 6 May 2017 in Johannesburg, its inaugural fundraiser in South Africa. (Image: Jo-Ann Strauss, Facebook)Brand South Africa reporterThe United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (Unicef) will hold its inaugural fundraising gala in South Africa on 6 May 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, in Rosebank, Johannesburg.At the gala, the international organisation will highlight its global campaign, Ending Violence against Children. The gala, Unicef said, was seen as an opportunity to “profile our mandate and values that guide our daily work, for every child, in South Africa”.In attendanceIt would be “a VIP event that will help catalyse further investments for children in need”, the organisation said. Actress Priyanka Chopra, a goodwill ambassador, will attend.South African Unicef national ambassadors, former Miss South Africa Jo-Ann Strauss and clothing designer Gavin Rajah, will play prominent roles. Strauss will moderate the event, and Rajah will feature a fashion show.Funds raised from the live auction will go towards Unicef South Africa child protection programmes.Thanks @AskMotswako for being part of our efforts with @UNICEF_SA @UNICEF and for helping us help the children of Africa.— Jo-Ann Strauss (@jo_annstrauss) March 23, 2017Progress madeHerve Ludovic de Lys, Unicef representative in South Africa, said the Convention on the Rights of the Child was the first international treaty signed by a democratic government of South Africa. “Over 20 years later we have collectively learned how to create effective circles of care and protection for children.“The urgent matter today is twofold: to put this knowledge into use by enhancing effective child protection approaches; and to support the millions of children trapped in poverty by improving the quality of public expenditures.”Watch:Source: Unicef South AfricaWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

ARods Complicated Legacy By The Numbers

In a press conference on Sunday, the New York Yankees announced that Alex Rodriguez would play his final major league game on Friday, against the Tampa Bay Rays, before taking on an advisory role with the club. With that game, one of the greatest — and most complicated — careers in baseball history will come to a close.Certainly, Rodriguez had reached the end of the productive phase of his career this season. One year after a surprising renaissance campaign, Rodriguez is on pace for the worst full-season OPS and fewest wins above replacement (WAR) of his career. Despite ranking among baseball’s highest-paid players, he’s struck out 4.6 times for every walk, is barely hitting over the Mendoza Line and can’t play any position other than designated hitter anymore. As a team, the Yankees are having their worst season since 1992. It was time for Rodriguez to go.But A-Rod in his heyday was a different story. In fact, A-Rod before his prime was better than almost anybody in baseball history. In 1996, at the ripe old age of 20, Rodriguez produced 9.4 WAR — which is still tied for the 87th-best season in MLB history and was, at the time, easily the most WAR produced in one season at that age.1It would be surpassed later by Mike Trout, who happens to be on track for G.O.A.T. status. From there, A-Rod would pile on seven more seasons of 8 or more WAR, and he’d make a strong case for having the best career of any player who ever spent the majority of his prime years at shortstop.Of course, the other prominent player on that — apparently shirt-optional — Mount Rushmore of young shortstops was Derek Jeter, Rodriguez’s longtime frenemy, rival, comparison-point and, eventually, teammate. Jeter had the rings — four by age 26, to be exact — but A-Rod had the numbers. Through 2003, the season before he joined the Yankees, A-Rod had Jeter beat on career WAR (63.5 to 40.4), home runs (345 to 127), OPS (.963 to .851) and walks (559 to 513); A-Rod was also within striking distance of the more contact-oriented Jeter in batting average (.308 vs. Jeter’s .317 mark). And he was miles better than Jeter in one very important (yet misunderstood) department: defense.To the naked eye, Jeter looked like a great defensive shortstop (he’d eventually win five Gold Gloves at the position), but according to the numbers he was the worst. From his 1995 debut until 2003, Jeter cost the Yankees 11.4 runs (i.e., more than one full win) per year compared to an average-fielding shortstop; by contrast, Rodriguez saved his teams 2 runs a year. When Jeter and Rodriguez joined forces, A-Rod deferred and moved from shortstop to third base, but all evidence said it should have been the other way around. The Yankees’ subsequent defensive numbers — they had the majors’ worst shortstop defense from 2004 until Jeter’s retirement in 2014 — agreed.Together, though, Rodriguez and Jeter would win boatloads of games, plus a World Series in 2009. Numbers from his final week pending, A-Rod would end up compiling 696 home runs — fourth-most ever — and he’s currently 12th all-time in WAR. (He even ranks eighth among Yankees!) Judging from the statistics alone, Rodriguez should be concluding his career as one of the greatest handful of position players in baseball history.But things are never so easy with A-Rod.For instance, Rodriguez’s tremendous on-field value was mitigated by the fact that no player made more money over his career. He broke the all-time record for the largest contract in professional sports history twice, surpassed only when Giancarlo Stanton inked a 13-year, $325 million deal before the 2015 season. Like most star players, Rodriguez still earned every cent he was paid and then some; using the common dollars per WAR framework, the value of A-Rod’s career wins sums to about $109 million more than he was paid.2According to, A-Rod was paid roughly $399 million through 2016, and he recorded about 115 WAR (averaging together the Baseball-Reference and FanGraphs versions). At an average cost of about $4.3 million per WAR, tacking on the $6 million a minimum-salary player would have made in the same number of years and zeroing out seasons where he had negative value, A-Rod’s wins were worth approximately $508 million. But in the minds of many fans, A-Rod personified the ever-upward climb of MLB salaries at a time when the cost of attending a ballgame had never been higher.A-Rod’s massive compensation was a particular point of frustration for Yankee fans, given that the team’s frequency of championships during his tenure (one title in 13 seasons) pales in comparison to what it had been before he arrived (one title every 3.9 seasons). Rodriguez’s postseason numbers aren’t bad — he had an .822 career OPS, pretty good considering the elevated competition of playoff pitching — but unlike Jeter, who raised his lifetime OPS from .817 in the regular season to .838 in the playoffs, Rodriguez’s .930 regular-season OPS suggested the wasted potential for so many more postseason heroics.And then there are the performance-enhancing drugs. Rodriguez copped to using steroids during the height of the PED era, in the early 2000s, around when he signed his first record-breaking contract, then admitted to better hitting through chemistry again in conjunction with the Biogenesis scandal. Like with his disgraced peer Barry Bonds, A-Rod’s pre-juicing numbers suggest he had the talent to make the Hall of Fame without chemical assistance. But as a confessed two-time offender, Rodriguez’s numbers will always be tainted for countless baseball fans. That’s why his Hall of Fame chances, ironclad without the PED factor, are next to nonexistent in reality.So when Rodriguez leaves baseball on Friday, he’ll go down as one of the greatest talents in the game’s history, and one of its most impressive statistical performers. But by the same token, his more lasting legacy might be as one of its most discredited players. In the end, we’ll probably be left trying to grapple with A-Rod’s impact on the game for decades to come. read more

Report Valencia eye a move for Michy Batshuayi

first_imgValencia have reportedly set their sights on a surprise move for Chelsea striker Michy Batshuayi this summer, claims the Daily MirrorThe Belgium international’s future at Stamford Bridge remains in doubt, despite the fact that Antonio Conte has now left after he was restricted to just three Premier League starts under the former Italy manager.Due to his lack of opportunities in his first season at Chelsea, Batshuayi joined Borussia Dortmund on loan for the latter half of the 2017-18 season and finished with an impressive seven goals in 10 appearances.Tammy Abraham, ChelseaChelsea hat-trick hero Tammy Abraham hopes for more Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Tammy Abraham hopes this season will be his big breakthrough at Chelsea after firing his first hat-trick for the club in Saturday’s 5-2 win at Wolves.But now the 24-year-old remains unsure about his future at Chelsea and is evaluating his options, despite the fact that Maurizio Sarri is now in charge of the Blues.Another factor which has made Batshuayi consider leaving Chelsea is the fact that they will be in the Europa League this season, while Valencia will be able to offer him Champions League football as well as regular playing time.Despite his injury struggles at the end of the last season, Batshuayi was a member of the Belgium World Cup and made three appearances for the national side as they finished in third-place.last_img read more

Rising Seas Will Overtake Land at Coastal Installations Study Concludes

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR Military installations on the East and Gulf coasts are extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, with rising sea levels expected to threaten increasing amounts of coastal land over the coming decades, according to an analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists released Wednesday.Coastal installations will experience more extensive tidal flooding and when hurricanes strike, deeper and more extensive storm surge flooding, the study concluded.“We’re now at the front end of the changes that will occur, with some installations already dealing with flooding during extreme high tides,” said Erika Spanger-Siegfried, lead author of the report. “Depending on how fast sea level rises in the second half of this century, tidal flooding will become a daily occurrence in some areas; that is, those places become part of the tidal zone as opposed to useable land.”Sea level increases — already up 8 inches globally since 1880 — are the product of rising temperatures and ice melt primarily caused by global warming. The East and Gulf coasts experience some of the fastest rates of sea level rise, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.By 2050, half of the 18 installations the study evaluated would experience 270 or more flood events per year — up from just 10 events per year today — under an intermediate sea level-rise scenario. Under the highest scenario, those installations likely would experience daily floods.Four sites — Naval Air Station Key West, Fla.; Naval Station Mayport, Fla.; Fort Eustis at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Va.; and Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, S.C. — stand to lose one-fifth or more of their land by 2050 due to daily high-tide flooding under the highest sea level-rise scenario.“In 2070, all but a few [of 18 installations studied] are projected to see flooding once or twice every day. Shockingly, these aren’t even the worst-case scenarios,” said co-author and lead analyst Kristy Dahl.DOD has been addressing the problem in recent years. At Langley AFB, Va., for example, the Air Force has constructed a shoreline seawall and door dams to protect some of its buildings, and it has installed a pump system to remove flood waters.“But there’s a big gap between what’s being done and what’s needed,” said Spanger-Siegfried.Installations should plan collaboratively with surrounding communities to counter the impact of rising seas on housing, transportation systems and critical infrastructure on and off installations, the report recommended.Individual installations also will need more detailed analyses of how rising seas will affect their infrastructure, as well as additional resources to adapt to the changing conditions, according to the study.last_img read more