Collectibubble Check out the gashapon toys I picked up in Japan

first_imgStay on target I recently went to Japan on vacation, because I am a giant nerd who likes anime and video games and toys and whatnot. I brought back two suitcases full of collectibles from Glorious Nippon, and we will be looking at most of the things I brought back in time (I’m not saying you can expect a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure collectibles Loot Drop, but…) but let’s start off small with one of my favorite traditional Japanese tchotchkes: Gashapon.You know those crappy little toys that come in plastic bubbles you can get at the front of the supermarket for a quarter? Gashapon are those, taken to an absurd next level thanks to Bandai and a handful of other companies, with a pumped-up price tag to match the better everything. Gashapon machines are everywhere in Japanese cities, especially in neighborhoods where nerds hang out. There were entire stores of gashapon machines in Akihabara, Den-Den Town, and Nakano Broadway, and they were packed with weird toys and figurines all way better than the sticky hands and cheap mini-brass knuckle keychains you can get here.Gashapon come in little plastic bubbles, just like supermarket toys here (and the name comes from the onomatopoeia of the sound of the machines dispensing them). They’re more expensive, though, starting at 100 yen and going up to 500 yen, making them about $1 to 5 depending on the complexity, size, and quality of the toy.Gashapon can be anything that fits in a plastic bubble (or, for larger items, a cylinder). We’re talking keychains, phone charms, miniatures of food and animals, prop replica toys, figurines, pins, panties, you name it. Yeah… panties. And yes, it’s creepy, but I do this for you, reader.I spent a slightly irresponsible amount on gashapon when I was in Japan. How irresponsible? Well, the slideshow below shows over two dozen things I picked up. My personal favorites are the Sailor Moon wand, the cat napping on a water heater, the coin locker, the Mother phone charms, and the Pokemon sign pins (which were city- and region-specific sets for Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo). Click on to see what comes in all these bubbles. Duel of the Cubicles with Hasbro’s Star Wars The Black Series Ligh…Playmates Brings Back Classic Voltron 1/25Asakusa lantern phone charmModeled after the giant lanterns at the Asakusa shrine and temple in Tokyo. It actually flickers gently like a lantern when you touch the two metal contacts on the bottom. 1/25Puppy in a croissant sandwich phone charmThe Japanese obsession with cute things and food miniatures results in some weird combinations. This is from a series of phone charms of puppies in food. As in, as components of food items. There’s also a cat series. 1/25Gold-plated poop on a satin pillowBecause golden poop is lucky in Japan. Seriously, that’s the explanation. 1/25Miniature coin lockerThese coin lockers are all over Japan train stations and are incredibly handy. The neat thing about this one is that you can put a 100-yen coin in the slot to open it, and take the coin out to lock it. 1/25Miniature post boxI just thought it was cute. 1/25Miniature cat sleeping on a hot water dispenserAnother series of animals being cute in weird ways. This is from an entire wave of cat miniatures napping on appliances. I’m a bit bummed, because I thought it was a rice cooker, which was the one I wanted. 1/25Miniature Dragon Quest chestsDragon Quest is big in Japan (there’s a Dragon Quest-themed convenience store in Akihabara with loads of slime merch). These chests are from the Famicom (NES) and Super Famnicom (Super NES) games. The purple one was a mimic, but the others just had molded gold. The mimic’s the best one. 1/25Fox mask phone charmThis is just a personal favorite because I picked it up at Fushimi Inari Taisha, this big shrine in Kyoto with thousands of red torii gates going up a mountain. The mask itself is a common gashapon, but if you’re ever in Kansai you should really check out Fushimi Inari. 1/25Streets of Rage keychainThis is a pretty rare one, because it came from Tokyo Game Show, from a company that specifically makes nostalgic Sega merchandise. 1/25Beverage can keychain flashlightTotally not Gatorade. But it lights up! 1/25Halloween Pikachu phone charmHalloween starts in September, at least in Pokemon Centers in Japan. This is the most adorable Pikachu ever. 1/25Pokemon street sign pinsThere are different waves of these pins from Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo. I got a couple from all three cities. 1/25Pokemon gym badge pinsSurprisingly rare and surprisingly great. These are the gym badges from Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow. They’re enameled metal, just like the street sign pins. 1/25Gundam pinThis is from Gundam Front in Odaiba, which is a live-sized RX-78-2 Mobile Suit Gundam in front of the DiverCity shopping center. It’s awesome. Gundam Wing, however, blows. 1/25Kirby miniaturesDawwwww, he’s an adorable all-consuming destroyer! 1/25Kirby Cafe keychainsThere are Kirby cafes in Osaka and Tokyo. You need to come early to get a reservation for that day, otherwise you can’t eat there. You can get gashapon there, though. 1/25Sailor Moon mini propsDon’t care, it’s all magical. 1/25Miniature cat apparently mounting a ravenI… I don’t get it. This was a thing. 1/25Mother and Mother 2 phone charmsMr. Saturn phone charms, by the way? Super-rare. Like $10 each. 1/25Madoka soul egg phone charmDon’t trust anything cute if it tells you to become a magical girl. 1/25JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure stone mask phone charmNo big deal, it’s a stone mask that turns you into a vampire. It’s literally the least insane thing from JoJo. 1/25Dragonball Z phone charmFrom J-World Tokyo, an indoor Shonen Jump amusement park/attraction in Ikebukuro. 1/25Miniature gashapon machine model kitThis is a model kit, not an actual gashapon. But it’s still great. And meta. 1/25Darkstalkers Morrigan figurineNot even the creepiest thing I got from a machine in Japan, because… 1/25PantiesYep. Yeeeeep. Yep. <>last_img read more

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