Administrative procedures as the biggest obstacles in the business of entrepreneurs in Croatia

first_imgSide dish: HGK / CRITICAL POINTS IN BUSINESS CONDITIONS IN CROATIA This report highlights the worst points in the business process in Croatia, which are, in addition to the above, obtaining building permits, obtaining loans and solving insolvency problems. Croatian entrepreneurs in all relevant surveys on the problems that represent the biggest obstacles in their business often state the administrative procedures they encounter when starting a business and during business, says the analysis of the Critical Point in business conditions in Croatia made by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. They rate them as long-lasting, expensive and sometimes uncertain, and subject to frequent (small) changes that make planning difficult and cost and time-consuming for the company. It is more difficult for foreign investors to enter such a business environment, and domestic companies are less competitive in foreign markets.center_img This analysis highlights the most critical points that put business conditions in Croatia at the bottom of the EU according to the World Bank’s (Doing Business Index) methodology, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce points out. Read the full report in the attachment. last_img read more

Competitive climbing show to feature USC contestants

first_imgIt began with a post on the USC Climbing Team Facebook group. Two months later they were filming for the reality show Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness. Antonio Ayala, Noelle Crowley and Julian Olea, all members of the Climbing Team at USC, spent a weekend in August competing for the show, which is set to air Nov. 22 on the Esquire Network.Though the contestants could not disclose specifics of the obstacle course, Crowley, a junior majoring in environmental studies, described the competition as a relay with two identical obstacle courses for each team consisting of ropes, nets and bar obstacles. According to Olea, a junior majoring in biological sciences, each run took three to four minutes.Contestants filled out an application online in order to be on the show and sent videos of themselves working out and climbing. Crowley said she “didn’t feel as confident” when she sent in the first half of her application, but was gratified when the show’s producers called her and urged her to submit her application as soon as possible.“The producers called and personally asked me to be on the show,” Crowley said. “What an incredible opportunity, and I was being personally invited to do it.”Since the contestants had only a month to train before filming for the competition began, Crowley said she continued climbing as normal, while Olea said he worked out for 15 to 20 hours a week and “tailored his workouts to endurance ones.”Along with working out on their own, the USC contestants practiced once on an American Ninja Warrior imitation obstacle course owned by Arnold Hernandez, a former contestant on the show.“It was super cool to be able to test out similar type of obstacles before the show,” Crowley said. “They were challenging, but I’m glad I got to practice there and get some tips from [Hernandez] before we filmed.”After practicing, the team faced UCLA in late August. Ayala, a sophomore majoring in psychology and journalism, said the schools’ rivalry added to the pressure. “It was a lot of fun to face UCLA,” Ayala said. “We got to know the UCLA team, and they were some really cool people. We were competitive but friendly, and we bantered back and forth.”Having the show recorded in Los Angeles added to the USC vs. UCLA pressure; however, Olea said that USC had more people supporting them during filming.“It was super awesome because we had a lot of USC people coming out to support us in the crowd,” Olea said.Ayala described the competition as grueling, due to the people rooting them on and the added pressure of being on television, but ultimately enjoyed being on the show.“It was tiring and stressful to have to do the best we could, but it was truly a great experience,” Ayala said. “The people were my favorite part. Everyone was so open and happy to be there, so we all clicked and had a great time just being there.”Crowley was proud to serve as a role model for women and was excited for the opportunity to show young women what they are capable of achieving.“It’s really cool to be a strong inspiration for young women,” Crowley said. “I always hear that girls can’t do pullups, but no, girls can do pullups and have a lot of upper body strength.”Jona Siegel, a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering who has been watching American Ninja Warrior for four years, said that this new edition is “very exciting.”“I enjoy watching what people can do in American Ninja Warrior, and it’s really cool they’re doing a collegiate version of it,” Siegel said. “It will be nice to root on the Trojans.”Though the actual competition was filmed two months ago, Crowley said she plans to have a watch party with her group of friends and Olea said he still gets excited thinking about seeing himself on TV.“The more I think about it, I get super psyched knowing that it’s coming up,” Olea said.last_img read more

AP Poll, you haunting oracle of truth

first_img@BadgerFootball is class all the way. There’s a reason Kalani tries to pattern his program after you guys. Awesome game! Good luck the rest of the season. Go take that B1G Ten Title!— мιѕтєя ¢ (@codythemac) September 16, 2018After I saw this one, I truly thought someone was screwing with me. I mean, when I think of the combination of college football fans (not exactly noted sweethearts) and Twitter (@realDonaldTrump), this is not the message I expected to be getting.All of that being said, the main reason I’d recommend BYU to be your gloating-team-of-choice, is that there is something truly satisfying about knowing your conquerors aren’t having sex.This week the Badgers are all the way down to No. 18 in the poll. I must now believe that they are in fact, exactly the eighteenth best team in the country, as it is written. Last week was a very different era.We have all changed so much during this time. I myself was foolish, immature and so, so naive. Why it was just mere days ago that I doubted the infinite wisdom of the AP Poll? Ah, how the turntables.After the AP Poll dropped the Badgers in the rankings after consecutive victories, I thought it was ridiculous — short-sighted even. It seems funny to say now. Little did I know that it was I who was being short-sighted. How ridiculous I was being to doubt the all-mighty AP Poll and its prescience.I continued my short-sightedness all the way up to the last moments of Saturday’s game. In fact, here is my Tweet from @BHeraldSports right before Gaglianone was to miss that fateful kick. It was picked up by BYU fans everywhere and absolutely lambasted for hours. If only I had heeded the signs of the AP Poll.There is, however, a bright spot. If I may be so bold as to hand out advice for being on the receiving end of gloating from a college football fanbase, and I feel I am well qualified in this regard, I would highly recommend that team be BYU. First off, they are, for the most part, incredibly gracious winners.Big BYU fan here, but I feel for that kid. That’s a rough go. Best of luck and go win the Big 10!— Uncle Maui (@DavidFiso) September 16, 2018Thank you, Uncle Maui, like the tropical Hawaiian island you are named for, you bring rays of sunshine and warmth even in these times of darkness.Hell of a game @Wisconsin. Good luck on the rest of the season.— Y are you the way you are? (@matticus1619) September 16, 2018Two things to take away from this one besides from the sincerity:I was sort of shocked by the use of the “H-E- Double Hockey Sticks” there by a BYU supporter, but nonetheless thankful for the sentiment.“Y are you the way you are?” is a name that hits a little to close to home at this point.last_img read more

Winnebago Industries to stick to schedule of resuming production, establishes employee assistance fund for hardship cases

first_imgFOREST CITY — Winnebago Industries says they will stick with their previously announced schedule of resuming production at certain of its locations in the month of May.The Forest City-based outdoor lifestyle manufacturing company plans to restart operations in a graduated manner aligned with a confirmed base of existing orders at their Newmar, Grand Design RV and Winnebago Motorhomes facilities next week, and with the Winnebago Towables line the week of May 11th. The company resumed production at their Chris-Craft and Specialty Vehicles lines the week of April 13th.The company says future production rates and plans will vary by brand and are subject to change, as the company will continue to evaluate the demand conditions present in its end markets. All employees will be required to adhere to applicable safety protocols such as appropriate social distancing measures, strict sanitization practices, the use of personal protective equipment, and daily health checks.Winnebago CEO Michael Happe says the company remains focused on ensuring the health and safety of the employees as they continue to gradually restart manufacturing operations around the company in a disciplined manner. He says while the last many weeks have been challenging for all stakeholders, the company is cautiously optimistic about several indicators within the outdoor industry, including an uptick in campground reservations, continued low gas prices and interest rates.The company also announced today a special emergency assistance resource fund for employees with particularly high cases of financial hardship due to the pandemic. The Winnebago Industries Foundation is providing a multiple six-figure financial grant to the fund, which it intends to focus on hardship cases now and transition to an ongoing, general emergency assistance fund for its employees into the future.last_img read more