Killer Comic Kicks Deadpool High Top Sneakers

first_imgStay on target I love Deadpool. I have for years. In fact, I’m going to be that guy: I loved Deadpool before he was cool. In the 90s, Joe Kelly’s run on Deadpool was one of the big runs that got me into Marvel comics, and I was both infuriated by Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and ecstatic when Deadpool came out. And Deadpool 2 is pretty great too, even if it’s a mess. And now I got the Merc with a Mouth on my feet.… that just conjured a very weird sexual image. Let’s talk about shoes instead. This is the Deadpool High Top Sneaker, sent to us from ThinkGeek. It’s one of several Marvel-themed sneakers they offer, including Captain America, Black Panther, and Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot designs. And for all the branding, they’re pretty stylish and understated.These are faux leather high-top sneakers in the Chuck Taylor All-Stars style. Simple, elegant, and black-and-red with a glaring Deadpool logo on one side. The take leather is a pretty thick, solid material, though it can potentially get scuffed pretty easily. The interior is a solid red canvas, and the stitching seems durable.Instead of an All-Stars logo on the back of the heel (these aren’t actually Chucks, or made by Converse), the Deadpool High Top Sneakers have a molded Marvel logo. Because the Deadpool logo on the side didn’t indicate that these carry a Disney brand.The sole is flat, white rubber, with a basic texture that make these functional as walking or skate shoes. Like Chucks, they aren’t densely padded or designed to offer the sort of support athletic sneakers have. If you want to hit the courts with these, you should pick up some memory foam insoles to cushion your steps.I wear an extra-wide size 12.5 when available, and ThinkGeek sent us a pair of size 13 regulars because they don’t have wide or half-step designs. That’s fine, because they accommodate my feet comfortably, if a bit loosely, and adding some insoles will help fix that. And really, for $59.99 fashion sneakers, you’re not going to get the custom fit and support of really good cross-trainers. If you like Deadpool, check them out! Or the other shoes, if you like those Marvel properties better (and Black Panther was really good, wasn’t it?).Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Geek Pick: Shure MV88+ Is An Excellent, On the Go Microphone KitGeek Pick: Amazon Smart Plug Puts Alexa in Your Walls last_img read more